Call of Duty: Explained Call Of Duty Shadow Banning

Call of Duty: The shadow ban mechanism in Call of Duty games is an essential aspect of the developer’s strategy to reduce the prevalence of cheating. Together with the RICOCHET anti-cheat, it forms a package used to tackle in-game cheats. Contrast this with a permanent ban on your Call of Duty account, which isn’t at all like a shadow ban.

There is an apparent difference between the two, with the former implying that the player can still participate in the game. At the same time, the latter would result in them being unable to do so under any circumstances. Players who have done nothing wrong but cheat in the game may not even realize they have been shadow banned until it is too late.

This page will provide some background information to help gamers better understand the Call of Duty system.


How The Shadow Ban System Works In Call Of Duty

This Call of Duty system is best described as a trial run. If an opponent has reported you several times in a short period, you may be subject to a shadow ban. Due to these and other red flags, the system will often place the account under review. This review, however, is a silent one, and the only indicators a player might get are pretty subtle.

When this occurs, the player is typically required to lobby alongside other players under investigation for similar charges of cheating. Even with a reliable internet connection, the matchmaking process will take significantly longer if you’re trying to find a game while shadow banned. These are the two most common telltale signs that a player is prohibited in the shadows.

If, after a long time of matches, they end themselves in a lobby full of cheats, they may be assured that their profiles are being reviewed. The shadow ban occurred because the account was flagged for cheating. The system will now group players who have been flagged together in lobbies to prevent under-review cheaters from accessing regular entries. Until the system completes its evaluation, this harmful lobbying will continue.

Solution To The Problem Of The Shadow Restriction

Even though the shadow ban is effective at preventing cheating, it is not without drawbacks. Due to the prevalence of anger and false reports in online games, even honest players may face scrutiny. Those innocent people will have to wait a week or two till the review period is over, and they are unbanned automatically. Sadly, due to the widespread prevalence of cheats in Call of Duty, reviews can take a long time to complete.

Those who believe they have been wrongly banned can contact Activision and request a review of their case. There is still a delay here, but it’s typically far shorter than the time you’d spend waiting for the automatic unban method to work. If they are caught cheating during the shadow ban review, their ban will be made permanent immediately.

As a result, they will be permanently banned from using that account to participate in any future matches. While the shadow ban system isn’t perfect, it’s the price we have to pay to keep regular Call of Duty lobbies from becoming a haven for cheaters. Thus, gamers who may have been unfairly banned from the game in question but are innocent are requested to be patient while the review is conducted. When the study is over, things usually get back to normal in the lobbies and during the matchmaking period.

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