You Don’t Want to Know How Much Money Katie Holmes Made From ‘Dawson’s Creek’

Hello, so Katie Holmes is really wealthy, and if you want a precise figure, look no further than this GIF, which is a visual representation of how I feel after researching what’s in her bank account: Obviously, Katie made a lot of money from spending years of her life on Dawson’s Creek,

but you’re presumably also curious about how much she made throughout her film career, and the nosiest amongst us (me) are surely also respectfully curious about her divorce settlement with Tom Cruise. There’s a lot to understand there, but let’s start with her Creek cash.

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Take Home Pay for Katie Holmes at Dawson’s Creek

Dawson was continually lurking along his creek for 6 seasons and 128 episodes. And Katie made a lot of money because the program was so popular for so long. Her initial earnings per episode were “only” $30,000, but as the show grew in popularity and attention, her earnings rose to $175,000 every episode.

So…what does that total to per season? For the sake of illustration, I’ll pick season 6:

24 episodes x $175,000 = $4,200,000

And that’s just ONE season. Katie may be in line for tens of millions of dollars if she earned this much for the course of the show’s final three seasons, assuming she played Joey Potter. Cool, quick break to do this: An also, reminder that Katie’s appeared in hundreds upon dozens of movies. It’s unclear what she charges for each film, but she’s moving into production now, which has the potential to be even more lucrative.

You Don't Want to Know How Much Money Katie Holmes Made From 'Dawson's Creek'
You Don’t Want to Know How Much Money Katie Holmes Made From ‘Dawson’s Creek

Katie’s Divorce Settlement Post–tom Cruise Breakup

Tom and Katie divorced in 2012, and according to Celebrity Net Worth, she went into the marriage with $10 million, while he went into it with about $250 million. Interestingly, their divorce deal didn’t include spousal support for Katie. Instead, TMZ reported in 2012 that Tom would be responsible for paying child support to Katie in the amount of $400,000 each year until their daughter Suri became 18 years old.

Additionally, he committed to covering “all of Suri’s medical, dental, insurance, educational, collegiate, and extracurricular expenses.” According to Forbes’ rankings at the time of their breakup, Tom Cruise was the highest-paid actor in the history of Hollywood.

Yes, She Does Sponsor Once in a While

I have no idea how much she is paid for these articles, but the usual rate for someone with Katie’s following and celebrity profile these days is well north of $100,000.

Her Calabasas Mansion Sold for $4 Million Just a Few Days Ago

So that’s essentially just $4 million extra in her pocket! And according to the Los Angeles Times, she bought the home for roughly $3.795 million—so not only does Katie have some freshly obtained liquid cash, but she also made a profit. Her daughter Suri lives with her in New York City, where she also has an apartment (or two? ).

How Much is Katie Holmes Worth Total?

Katie has a net worth of $25 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth, thanks to Dawson’s Creek, many significant films (Batman Begins, anyone? ), endorsements, and real estate. Which we can all agree is quite a bit. In comparison, her Dawson’s Creek co-star James Van Der Beek has an $8 million net worth, Joshua Jackson has an $8 million net worth, and Michelle Williams has a $30 million net worth.

Finally, I don’t want to wait till the end of my life to be wealthy.

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