Xbox Series X To Get New Chip Soon! But Don’t Expect Much

Microsoft is said to be working on a better processor for the Xbox Series X console. According to writer Brad Sams, the new chip is smaller, more power-efficient, and may result in cheaper manufacturing costs. “I think this is correct—I know Microsoft was working on chip upgrades,” Sams remarked on his YouTube channel (as transcribed by Pure Xbox and at around the 25:50 mark). “Are we going to see performance gains or anything else? I don’t think so, although Microsoft is always working on producing cooler, more efficient CPUs to save manufacturing costs. I think Microsoft is developing a smaller, more power-efficient microprocessor. That is, I am certain of it.”

At this point in its life cycle, a smaller processor is unlikely to result in a thinner Xbox Series X. In contrast, the Xbox 360 Slim debuted five years after the original system, while the Xbox One S debuted three years after the Xbox One. It is also unknown if the chip may be employed in a mid-cycle console update. The redesign is more likely to be internal, leaving the present Xbox Series X to form unaltered, comparable to how Sony’s new PS5 boasts a smaller and lighter heatsink while maintaining its distinctive appearance.

Xbox Series X To Get New Chip Soon!

In terms of the future, Microsoft announced last year that new Xbox hardware is in the works, albeit it won’t be available for quite some time. Liz Hamren, Microsoft’s CVP of Gaming Experiences and Platforms, said at the time, “Cloud is critical to our hardware and Game Pass roadmaps.” “But don’t believe we’re slacking down on core console development. In fact, we’re speeding up. We’re already working on new gear and platforms, some of which won’t be available for many years.”

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Despite a continuing supply deficit, the Xbox Series X and its smaller Series S sister have sold successfully since its November 2020 release. Analysts projected that the Series X|S consoles had shipped 12 million units worldwide as of January of this year.

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