Xbox Gamers Delighted by Starfield While PS5 Gamers are Still in Hope!

Starfield is an upcoming game that is an Xbox exclusive, PS5  gamers are in deep sorrow after getting to know that it won’t be released on PS5. Our crew of ardent gamers, for the first time in a long time, voted Microsoft as the winner in this week’s round of winners and losers, with PlayStation 5 players taking a rare defeat. The following reasons support such an assertion. These last several days have been full of surprises for Xbox enthusiasts. That honor goes to Starfield’s formal debut.

Starfield was the focus of Bethesda’s presentation, which included real gameplay footage and an expected release date of 2023. Since Bethesda originally revealed and teased the game at E3 several years ago, it has generated considerable interest and excitement among gamers. It takes place in a region known as The Settled Systems, which stretches around 50 light-years beyond our solar system.

Xbox Gamers Delighted by Starfield While PS5 Gamers are Still

During the year 2310, the United Colonies and Freestar Collective engaged in a struggle known as the Colony War between the two major factions in the game. An uneasy peace reigns between major groups after 20 years of conflict, and this is the setting for the game. A customizable character, Constellation member, is the player’s role in this space exploration simulation. Both first- and third-person modes are available in the game. Because it comes from the same studio that created Fallout 4 and Skyrim, two of our favorite RPGs ever, we have high hopes that this new title will live up to those lofty expectations. Shown gameplay resembles Skyrim in outer space. That implies a huge role-playing game where you fly spaceships and explore planets in a breathtaking open world, which is what it means for non-gamers to say.

We don’t know much about the plot, but the game seems huge in scale with Bethesda showing off intricate character customization options as well as entertaining combat and spacecraft flying action in the trailers. To top it all off, it showed that there are over 1000 worlds to explore in over 100 different solar systems. Elden Ring might be dwarfed by Starfield if that is the case. After Microsoft purchased Bethesda, Starfield will be a PC and Xbox exclusive. This is the only drawback we observed throughout the trial. Unfortunately, the PS5 is out of luck, since Starfield will not be available on the system when it launches. A couple more popular titles were also taken away from the PS5 in the wake of Sony’s announcement. Among the most notable was Atlus’ Persona 5, which was deleted from the PlayStation Plus Collection.

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Historically, the PlayStation platform has dominated the Xbox platform in terms of exclusive games and unique IP. Our recommendation of PS4 over Xbox One back then was based on this point. Our highest-rated titles to date have been God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, and The Last of Us, all exclusive to the Xbox One. There may be more envious moments to come for Sony’s player base if Microsoft still has additional Bethesda assets and Activision, not to mention everything it purchased when it bought Activision, in store for Sony.

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