What is the Release Date Of High On Life On Xbox?

High on Life, a quirky first-person shooter from Squanch Games will be available for PC and Xbox One/Series on October 25, 2022. It will also be accessible through Xbox Game Pass. The official summary may be seen below for anyone who missed the initial announcement: Join forces with talking guns to save the planet!

The most recent game from Squanch Games, the company created by co-creator of Rick and Morty Justin Roiland, is HIGH ON LIFE. High on Life will have the same distinct sense of humor and the legendary vocal talents of Roiland himself as the studio’s previous game, Trover Saves the Universe. This time around, though, is unique since High on Life is a first-person shooter and your firearms have a voice. Here is all the information we have on High on Life.

HIGH ON LIFE is the most current title from Squanch Games, the studio that Justin Roiland, the co-creator of Rick and Morty, created. High on Life will have the same distinct sense of comedy as the studio’s previous title, Trover Saves the Universe, and Roiland’s legendary voice acting abilities. The difference this time is that High on Life is a first-person shooter and your weaponry has voices. Here is all we know about High on Life.

When Is The High On Life Release Date?

High on Life will debut on December 12, 2022, as of right now. Squanch Games has announced a delay, saying, “As we continue to create the finest possible gaming experience for High on Life, the release date will be extended to December 13, 2022. The game was originally scheduled to arrive in October.

What Are The HighOn Life Platforms?

For the time being, High on Life is only available on Xbox consoles. The game will debut on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on December 12. High on Life will also be available on Xbox Game Pass on that day, as you might anticipate.

Is There A High On Life Trailer?

Yes, there is quite a few distinct High on Life promos and videos. In addition to the gameplay and reveal trailers, IGN also debuted 25 minutes of High on Life gameplay at Gamescom 2022. There are also a few additional animated shorts set in the High on Life universe if you visit Squanch Games’ official YouTube account.

What Is The High On Life Story?

In the ridiculous sci-fi world of High on Life, humans have been kidnapped by an alien cartel and are being used as a source of alien narcotics. You’ll stop at a variety of places along the journey, including a lush rainforest paradise and a sizable metropolis enclosed inside an asteroid. The official synopsis for the game can be found here.

“When an extraterrestrial cartel that wants to get high off of humans invades Earth, you’ve truly had nothing going for you as a recent high school graduate with no job and no aspirations. You must now respond to the hero’s call and turn into the most lethal cosmic bounty hunter the galaxy has ever seen with a crew of charming talking firearms.

Who Is In The High On Life Game Cast?

The totally bizarre talking firearms in High on Life, who frequently have, to put it mildly, filthy mouths, are undoubtedly one of the story’s most notable elements. High on Life will also include voice work from actors including J.B. Smoove, Tim Robinson, Zach Hadel, and Michael Cusack in addition to Roiland.

What Is The High On Life Gameplay Like?

High on Life is a first-person shooter, so most of the gameplay will focus on the basic shooting principles, but there also appears to be some platforming and puzzle solving. A couple of other firearms from the game have been shown to us thus far. A standard blue handgun, a red dagger that can turn into a type of grappling hook, a green Gatling rifle, and a yellow weapon that shoots dreadful small aliens are all present.

The most recent gameplay footage displays a boss encounter in which the player must avoid the enemy’s beam assaults and utilize the grappling hook to fly across the arena when the platform vanishes.

Does High On Life Have A Game Pass Option?

When it debuts, High On Life will be accessible on Game Pass. Additionally to console, PC, and cloud platforms, the game will be accessible. Because the game is mostly a single-player adventure, you should be able to finish it quickly on Game Pass and come back for more if you want to. The release date for High On Life is December 13, 2022.

What Makes Life High?

Squanch Games’ forthcoming comedy first-person shooter, High on Life, is biopunk in style.  Justin Roiland, renowned for his work on the TV shows Rick and Morty and Solar Opposites, came up with the idea.  Anthropomorphic talking firearms and a colorful, absurdist science fiction setting are included.

Can I Use A PC Or Console To Play High On Life?

High On Life may be played on consoles and computers thanks to Game Pass, as it can with other games. Just be certain to connect your account to the platform you intend to use it on.

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