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WWE games have lost favor in recent years. There have been wrestling matches that, metaphorically speaking, received a chair to the head and were over, and there have been matches that “cashed in” and achieved great success.

After COVID 19, some fans can’t wait to go back in the stands, but many others continue to follow their favorite sport through video games. Some games stand out above the others for WWE fans searching for the best gaming experiences. Updated by Jack Pursey on March 14, 2022:

Following the glitchy disaster that was WWE 2K20, 2K Sports took a vacation from its yearly WWE 2K releases in 2021. Instead, an arcade spin-off of the simulation games called WWE 2K Battlegrounds was released, but it similarly failed to win over fans and critics.

Following the release of WWE 2K22 on March 8, 2022, the simulation-style yearly releases have finally made their long-awaited comeback. Although it may be too soon to appropriately rank the most current game, it deserves particular mention among the top WWE games because it obviously represents a return to form for the franchise.

WWE 2K22: The Latest Entry In The Series

For Visual Concepts and 2K Sports, the unfortunate release of WWE 2K20 can be viewed as both a godsend and a curse. Even though it tarnished their reputations, it offered them the opportunity to take a year off from the annual releases, enabling them to devote a lot of work to the following game in the hopes of producing something that would mend the relationship and trust with fans.

Before the game was even launched, 2K and Visual Concepts took steps to improve this relationship by stating that the General Manager mode would be returning, a feature that fans have been wanting since it was removed from WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2009.

Following the infamous disaster that was WWE 2K20’s Career Mode, MyRISE replaced it in WWE 2K22. MyRISE is a reimagined mode with distinct storylines for male and female wrestlers and a whopping 50 hours of gameplay. Players will create rivalries, form alliances, and engage in a variety of subplots, making MyRISE much more extensive than 2K20’s Career Mode.

Other new features include MyFACTION, which is a card-based faction-building game style akin to EA’s Ultimate Team and 2K’s MyTeam mode. Additionally, a new gameplay engine has been included, which has significantly improved the match flow and feel while removing many of WWE 2K20’s numerous bugs.

Even if WWE 2K22 falls short of some of the series’ best titles, it represents a nice return to form for the franchise and offers a number of exciting new features. While some of these features—most notably MyGM—feel somewhat basic, they have provided Visual Concepts and 2K Sports with a base upon which to expand in the future.

Smackdown Vs. Raw: Battle Of The Brands Begins

The initial Smackdown vs. Raw received mainly favorable reviews. When the WWE brand split occurred in 2004 the fans had already chosen a side and which weekly show they would support. WWE Smackdown, the more recent talent showcase, or WWE Raw, the company’s long-running flagship program.

The WWE brand war’s marketing opportunities as well as the antagonism between the two programs were fully exploited by Smackdown vs. Raw. Even though this game had its shortcomings, it more than made up for them with cutting-edge gameplay and demonstrated what customized choices would resemble in later sequels.

Release Information for Smackdown vs. Raw, Platform Compatibility, and Reviews. On November 2, 2004, Smackdown vs. Raw was made available for the PlayStation 2. With almost 300,000 copies sold in the UK alone, this book’s revenues when combined with those from North American (and international) sales would have been staggering at the time. As a result, the game’s audience popularity led to the creation of other sequels with a similar theme to the WWE game collection.

WWE Smackdown! Shut Your Mouth: Creation Of Story Mode

Goldberg and Bret Hart Smackdown: Keep Your Mouth Shut WWE fans frequently lament the lack of a strong story mode in contemporary games.  Most of this is accurate, but not for WWE Smackdown! Keep Your Mouth Shut.

The sophisticated story mode of this Playstation 2 classic, which allows players to select rosters and chart their own course up the WWE ladder, is widely respected. Since it is undoubtedly the most complex and dynamic story mode in any WWE game to date, many fans are still pleading for this idea to be reproduced.

Smackdown by WWE! Release Information, Platforms, and Reviews for “Shut Your Mouth” Smackdown by WWE! For the PlayStation 2, Shut Your Mouth was made available on October 31, 2002. This product was a more prosperous addition to the WWE video game lineup than the one stated earlier, with over 1,000,000 copies sold in North America alone. Fans loved the custom-created characters and stunning graphics available in the story mode, which was quite popular at the time.

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