Woman tells Johnny Depp in courtroom ‘this baby is yours’, gets removed by security

As Amber Heard and Johnny Depp continue to present testimonies in court during their defamation trial, an entertaining event occurred in the court on Monday. A lady with a child shouted to Johnny that the child was his and was removed from the spectator gallery.

As per Law and Crime report, before the judge arrived and showed up in the court for the day’s proceedings, a lady with a baby yelled out to Johnny that they were soul mates. She also shouted, “This baby is yours!” She asked him when he was going to acknowledge that he was the dad of the baby she was holding in her arms.

Last week, a man was giggling uncontrollably in the court for a long while. At the point when he had no control over his laughter anymore, he himself walked out of the court in order to avoid being punished for contempt of court.

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