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Woman storms Cannes red carpet to protest against sexual violence in Ukraine

A female protestor had to be removed from the Cannes Film Festival red carpet on Friday after she protested against sexual savagery abuses against ladies in Ukraine, much to the surprise of many celebs present there. In a clip of the incident posted online, the lady could be spotted in a semi-nude state with paint on the lower part of her body arriving at red carpet before guards escorted her off. The prestigious film festival has been underway in southern France since May 17.

According to a report in The Hollywood Reporter, eyewitnesses said that the lady stripped off every last bit of her clothes and fell to her knees shouting in front of the assembled photographers. Security guards were seen rushing over to her and covering her with a coat.

The protester had put paint over her body in the colours of the Ukrainian flag and the words “stop raping us” across her chest and midsection. The lady also seemed to have blood-red paint over her lower back and legs with the word ‘scum’ written on her back.

The incident occurred at the premiere of George Miller’s Three Thousand Years Of Longing, which stars Idris Elba and Tilda Swinton. The director and stars were reportedly present when the incident took place.

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