Witness testifying in Johnny Depp trial called Amber Heard ‘jealous’

Morgan Night, the former owner of the Hickesville Trailer Palace, expressed that in May 2013, Johnny Depp rented out the whole property.

Night expressed that a lawyer for Depp reached him around five weeks prior after a former coworker gave him his mobile number

He affirmed that he recalled the night differently than Amber Heard described in her direct testimony.

As per the former owner of a luxury trailer park in California, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard remained there with a group of friends in May 2013.

Morgan Night told jurors Tuesday that Depp was friendly and “really nice,” and that Heard appeared to be annoyed that he wasn’t paying attention to her. Heard took Depp asideat one point to talk with him.

“She was upset at him and she was yelling at him, and I personally had been in an abusive relationship before -” he started before Judge Penney Azcaratecut him off with a sustained objection.

“He was kind of cowering and seemed almost afraid, and it was really, like, odd to see because he was older than her obviously, but I just went back in the house,” Night testified. The next day, Depp apologized to him.

Night refuted Heard’s direct testimony that Depp became enraged with her that night after becoming jealous that another lady had touched her while they were high on MDMA. Depp, she asserted, grabbed the woman’s wrist and threatened to break it.

When Heard and Depp got back to their trailer to talk, he allegedly sexually assaulted her. As she cried, the “Aquaman” actress told jurors that Depp, in a drug-fueled rage, performed a “cavity search” on her to find his cocaine. He also completely destroyed the trailer, as per her.

The only thing wrong with the restored 1950s camper was a broken sconce, which Depp paid $62 to replace.

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