who is chantel dating? Net Worth And Relationship!

Today we will talk about Chantel dating. The Everett family has been through a lot lately. Fans of 90 Day Fiancé know that Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno first met on the show. As a result of their marriage, The Family Chantel became a spin-off show. In their spinoff series, we learned a lot about Pedro and Chantel’s marital difficulties and the tensions between their families.

When it came to the end, he filed for divorce in May of 2022. After a few months, it appears that she has a new romantic interest. So, who is she dating now? He’s no stranger to television; in fact, you may have seen or heard of him before. Those are the facts.

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There is no evidence to support this claim; yet, it has been widely speculated that Rich Dollaz is Chantel’s boyfriend. Those of you who have seen Love & Hip Hop: New York have seen him in the past. Although he has been a part of the show from its inception, Season 9 marked his debut as a main cast member. In addition, he has appeared on shows filmed in Atlanta and Hollywood. His most recent performance was in Atlanta.

At least twice in the last few weeks, sources tell Dreddsworld, Chantel and Rich have been spotted together in Atlanta. On television, Rich always has a woman in his life, as anyone who has seen him can tell you. It wasn’t uncommon for him to spend time with several cast members during his stint on Love and Hip Hop. With Mariahlynn, he appeared on Season 17 of Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition. Nextly we talk about Chantel Dating in brief.

who is chantel dating? Net Worth And Relationship!
who is chantel dating? Net Worth And Relationship!

who is Chantel dating?

Now we talk about Chantel dating. TMZ reports that Pedro accused Chantel of stealing $257,000 from a joint bank account the two of them shared. It is stated that she subsequently moved the money into an account that was jointly held by both her and her sister Winter.

To this day, neither Chantel nor Pedro has commented publicly on the divorce or shared any information regarding their future plans. On the other hand, Pedro may be relieved to be living away from the members of his soon-to-be ex-family. wife’s

During the fourth season of The Family Chantel, Chantel’s brother Royal tied the knot with a lady whose name was Angenette. Pedro observed how warm Chantel’s family was toward Angenette and questioned why it was so difficult for him to be accepted into the family when she is also an immigrant and got married into the family on a K-1 visa. Chantel’s family had sponsored Angenette for her K-1 visa.

Chantel Net Worth


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Many sources estimate Chantel’s wealth to be around $1.5 million.

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