Where To Find Boom Sniper Fortnite? All Exotic Weapons Locations In Fortnite!

Where To Find Boom Sniper Fortnite? Epic Games has had a lot of success with its games, but perhaps none more so than Fortnite. Since its introduction in 2017, this game has quickly risen to the ranks of the most-played free-to-play titles. Fortnite features not one but three unique game modes: Save the World, Battle Royale, and Creative.

This game is so well-liked that it won the award for Best Ongoing Game at The In addition to being nominated for “Best Co-op Game” by PC Gamer and “Best Spectator Game” by IGN during its release year (2017), Fortnite won both. SuperData Research published an analysis in 2018 predicting the company would earn about $2.4 billion in revenue. Chapter 2, Season 5 debuted the Boom Sniper but shelved him for Season 6.

This gun’s destructive potential stems from the Clinger it shoots alongside its regular ammunition; the Clinger clings to the target and detonates later. The Boom Sniper Rifle can be purchased from Lt. John Llama in Fortnite Chapter 3 and helps do splash damage to opponent teams. The Clinger deals an extra 60 damage on top of the sniper’s base damage.

On the south side of the lake, behind Logjam Lumberyard, sits Llama Homestead. You may find Lt. John Llama by traveling west from the lake. Located in a hut just south of the first river bend, the Fortnite NPC will be inside talking to players. Players can deal damage regardless of how precisely they aim, making this weapon unique among sniper rifles.

Clinger ammunition allows players to do substantial splash damage and destroy objects. Shooting a teammate who volunteers to take the Clinger to the attackers is a clever use of the Boom Sniper Rifle in Fortnite Chapter 3. When comparing the Boom Sniper Rifle and the Hunter Bolt Action, both of which are available in Fortnite Chapter 3, it is tough to determine which is superior. While both weapons have their place, the gold Hunter Bolt Action Sniper Rifle is a significant upgrade over the Boom Sniper Rifle in terms of damage output.

In Fortnite, the Boom Sniper can be purchased from Rustler for 600 Bars. The process of gaining Bars in Season 4 is identical to previous seasons. This currency can be acquired via breaking or opening chests, rare chests, safes, and cash registers. Each of the nine Bunker Vaults on the island is a good candidate for a Rare Chest.

Remember that you’ll need a key to access these treasure troves. You can also earn bars by performing Bounties at the various Bounty Boards strewn across the map and killing other players. Once a player has the Boom Sniper, they can use it to cause damage to their adversaries from a safe distance.

Remember that the multiplier applied to headshots only applies to the damage done by contact, not the explosive damage dealt by the rifle’s projectile.

New points of interest (POIs) and people appear seemingly out of nowhere on Fortnite’s ever-changing map. If the player has enough gold, they can trade with some NPCs wandering the island for rare and robust weapons. You need to know which NPCs to look for and where to locate them.

Only four unusual weapons have been seen so far this season, and those four are in the hands of individuals worldwide. Each weapon costs between 400 and 600 gold bars, so gamers need to set up some money. Shadow Tracker, Marksman Six Shooter, The Dub, and Boom Sniper Rifle are the current exotic weapons in Fortnite Chapter Three, Season Three.

The Shadow Tracker can be purchased from Sunbird, which can be found outside The Daily Bugle on the upper floor of The Temple. This unusual take on the regular Suppressed Pistol may be yours for 400 gold. Hit foes will be highlighted for a limited duration.

You may find Cuddle Team Leader atop their brand new roller coaster, rejoicing in their victory over the Imagined Order. For 400 gold bars, CTL will sell you a rare Marksman Six Shooter. The Six Shooter’s tremendous critical damage makes short work of any foe with just a couple of well-placed shots.

Ludwig can be found at The Joneses, where he expresses a desire to get into a fight with the player. Ludwig offers The Dub, an unusual shotgun, for sale so that the gamer can kill their loop opponents. The Dub has a small range but can knock back the player and their adversaries upon impact.

The Visitor may is situated in the center of Sanctuary, not far from the seven launch pads. A rare Boom Sniper Rifle, which he will sell to the Loopers for 600 gold, is the least he can do to assist them. The Boom Sniper’s explosive Clinger is where the weapon gets its name, and it’s what the player uses to deliver damage.

Currently, these are the only exotic weapons available. However, more may be added by Epic Games later in the season. Now is the moment to stock up on this unusual gear and gain an advantage over the opposition.

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