When Will Egg Prices Drop: Egg Price Updation For Consumer

Egg prices are decreasing, but significant grocery store savings won’t be seen for a time. Egg prices have been high this year, partly as a result of a widespread avian flu outbreak, supply chain issues, and high feed prices. According to Oklahoma State University agricultural economics professor Rodney Holcomb, the bird flu alone killed 10% of laying hens in 2022.

The combination of high energy prices, high feed prices, and avian flu created “a perfectly horrible storm—not a perfect storm, but a perfectly bad storm,” according to Holcomb. This was worse than the avian flu outbreak in 2015 since it led to significant price swings. According to the most current consumer statistics available, the average price of a dozen eggs in November 2022 was shockingly 49% more than it was at the same time last year.

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When Will Egg Prices Drop

In its Egg Market Overview report published over the weekend, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said that the delivery of eggs increased last week by 11%, and future deliveries are expected to increase by 14%. Prices for consumers will decrease when there is more supply. Large egg delivery prices to warehouses in the Midwest have dropped by $0.13, to $5.17 per dozen.

According to Holcomb, it takes time for prices at the shop to decrease since retail costs are higher than wholesale prices. Additionally, it will take time to recover from the severe avian flu losses. According to Holcomb, “laying hens take months before they achieve their laying potential, unlike broilers, which arrive with a lot of young chicks and are fully developed and prepared to be processed and eaten within 6 weeks or so.”

A laying hen’s peak maturity might take up to 10 months, making it challenging for producers to recover. Prices are being helped by the fact that consumer demand for eggs is continuing to decline after the holidays, but they are still high as we begin the new year compared to 2022.

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Egg Price Updation For Consumer

Egg Price Updation For Consumer
Egg Price Updation For Consumer

Egg prices may not reach the levels that consumers are accustomed to paying for several months since shops are now working to refill inventories to regular operating levels. Due to the widespread effects of inflation on the price of food, even those prices won’t be what they previously were. Knock on wood, as long as we don’t have another avian flu epidemic like we had last year, egg costs should decrease to, perhaps, the inflation-adjusted “new normal” price, according to Holcomb.

Since the beginning of the year, the grocery staple has been expensive, with the average cost of a dozen eggs reaching $3 for only the second time in history. As makers of egg products turned to international suppliers to make up for local supply shortages, imports of shelled eggs and egg products increased to their highest level since June 2017. Turkey is where eggs are primarily produced. Don’t forget to share this news with your loved ones, and check out Talkxbox.

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