When Does Yellowstone Return: What Will Occur In The Second Part?

The Montana ranchers surprised us with a lengthy midseason vacation just as things were about to heat up for the Dutton family. Yes, they have partied on the ranch and tended to the animals throughout most of Season 5. However, they have been doing it for two months without pausing while their adversaries scheme to rob them of everything.

The least of their concerns now that Jamie has teamed up with Market Equities to permanently harm his family is an airport that will be built over their land. Hold your horses, though, since Yellowstone is now taking a little hiatus after the last episode on New Year’s Day.

This summer, Part Two of Season Five will return with six more episodes of the rip-roaring drama. For now, Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren’s 1923 prequel series, created by Taylor Sheridan, has much to offer viewers. Cowboys are unable to take breaks.

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When Does Yellowstone Return

The second half of the season, which was initially only going to broadcast for six episodes during the holidays, will actually return this summer on the Paramount Network and continue for another six episodes. The summer return date was announced in a new teaser for the official Yellowstone podcast, which also encouraged viewers to follow #YellowstoneTV for updates.

The Dutton family will devise plans to sell their cattle, fend off their adversaries, and secure the services of their future stars for country music in the meanwhile. Perhaps they could arrange for Kayce Dutton’s on-screen boyfriend, Luke Grimes, to sing his brand-new song, “No Horse to Ride.”

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What Will Occur In The Second Part?

The Dutton family will undoubtedly encounter difficulties ringing their doorbell when we return, even if I am unable to anticipate how the season will conclude. Jamie, John’s son, intends to remove him from office, become governor, and perhaps even murder him. Even worse, he is having an affair with Market Equities’ cunning Sarah Atwood, the opponent.

What Will Occur In The Second Part?
What Will Occur In The Second Part?

Thomas Rainwater is less than pleased that John’s family disputes are diverting him from a prospective pipeline that may cross the reservation. In addition, he has U.S. Fish and Wildlife Park officials on the verge of arrest after mistakenly killing endangered wolves. A bacterial ailment called brucellosis nearly wiped off all of his cattle just before the midseason finale, forcing him to move the herd to Texas.

The action would not only bring them and Jimmy closer to a potential reunion on the 6666 ranches but leasing the acreage might also put the Duttons in financial peril. With regard to creating Yellowstone, author Taylor Sheridan said to The Atlantic, “When I went into that world, I wanted there to be actual repercussions.” I wished to never, ever back down from anything. This was the cost.

When we come back in the summer of 2023, we’ll find out just what those effects have in store for the Dutton family. Don’t forget to share this news with your loved ones, and check out Talkxbox.

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