You Don't Want to Know How Much Money Katie Holmes Made 

Katie made a lot of money from spending years of her life on Dawson's Creek,

Take Home Pay for Katie Holmes at Dawson's Creek

Dawson was continually lurking along his creek for 6 seasons and 128 episodes.

Katie’s Divorce Settlement Post–tom Cruise Breakup

Tom and Katie divorced in 2012, and according to Celebrity Net Worth, she went into the marriage with $10 million

Yes, She Does Sponsor Once in a While

I have no idea how much she is paid for these articles, but the usual rate for someone with Katie's

Her Calabasas Mansion Sold for $4 Million Just a Few Days Ago

So that’s essentially just $4 million extra in her pocket! And according to the Los Angeles Times,

How Much is Katie Holmes Worth Total?

Katie has a net worth of $25 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth, thanks to Dawson's Creek,

Katie may be in line for tens of millions of dollars if she earned this much for the course of the show's final three seasons,

Additionally, he committed to covering "all of Suri's medical, dental, insurance, educational, collegiate, and extracurricular expenses.