Reportedly, Naomi Judd's decision to name her husband Larry Strickland as the executor of her will rather than mentioning either of her daughters

The Daily Mail reports that Wynonna, who is 58 years old, has plans to challenge the will because she believes that she is entitled to a portion of her mother's $25 million inheritance.

With Wynonna, her mother leaving all of her wealth to Larry sticks in her craw," a source told the DailyMail on Thursday. "Her feeling is Naomi built

"It was Wynonna's great voice that drove them over the top," the insider said of her time as the lead vocalist of The Judds in the 1980s. In the course of their careers

her own hand on April 30th, and her daughter's band, which is known as The Judds, were honored with five Grammy Awards, nine Country Music Association Awards,

Despite the fact that the singer of "Why Not Me" is said to be upset with the manner in which Naomi's assets are being divided, the singer's half-sister Ashley, who is 54 years old,

Ashlyn Judd has no issue with her late mother Naomi leaving her entire $25 million inheritance to her second husband Larry Strickland, a source informed Daily Mail. "

It is normal practice to appoint one's spouse to the role of an executor in a will. The fact that Naomi did not mention her daughters appears to be a deliberate omission on her side,