Viewers Were Shocked When Joni Mitchell Played Her First Concert in Over a Decade 

“I just realized, Joni’s the least nervous person up here,” exclaimed Brandi Carlile halfway through a history Newport

Over 13 songs, Mitchell, who last appeared at the festival 53 years ago, in 1969, held court as a star-studded crew of musicians (Carlile, Blake Mills, Lucius, Wynonna, Celisse, Taylor Goldsmith

Mitchell, who was seated on a throne, started the performance by sporadically singing along to some of her own songs, joined by vocalists like Carlile, ("Carey") Goldsmith, (1991's "Come

Replicating the recently infamous "Joni Jams," the unofficial A-list music get-togethers that took place at Mitchell's Los Angeles home in recent years and featured Bonnie Raitt,

According to Carlile, who selected and planned the entire concert, "No one gets folk artists together like the humility of trying out a new song in front of Joni fucking Mitchell.

Canadian-American singer-songwriter Roberta Joan "Joni" Mitchell CC (born November 7, 1943); formerly Anderson. Mitchell's compositions frequently focus on social and philosophical ideas

She draws inspiration from folk, pop, rock, classical, and jazz. Numerous honors have been bestowed upon her, including eleven Grammy Awards and 1997 admission into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Before moving on to the nightclubs of Toronto, Ontario, Mitchell started singing in local nightclubs in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and other parts of western Canada.