British Pop Star Triumphs: Judge Rejects Father's Bid to Compel Britney's Testimony

The so-called "revenge deposition" of Britney's father will not be held,

Court Judge Brenda Penny ruled that the pop diva "likely does not have" any knowledge of her father's disputed actions, including the New York Times's reporting

While seeking court clearance for his handling of his daughter's funds dating back to 2019 and permission to bill her estate for his ongoing legal bills, Jamie wanted to depose

Rosengart told a court hearing two weeks ago that Jamie was seeking a "revenge deposition" in the ongoing legal battle. Since her nearly 14-year conservatorship

"He has the right to believe that his own flesh and blood is telling lies. He's free to believe she's lying, even if she isn't. What would a reasonable person do in this situation?

Later in the week, Judge Penny refused a motion by Jamie by Kroll Associates, the investigative firm that found Jamie paid himself over $6.3 million from his daughter's

He then defended Jamie's record, stating that Britney is "where she is today" because of the conservatorship. Spears says he is happy with what he did for his daughter,

It wasn't long before Judge Penny was moving on to Rosengart's upcoming request to subpoena Robin Greenhill and Lou Taylor, the managers engaged by Jamie