(CNN) A jury in the United States found an American dentist and big-game hunter guilty of murder in the shooting death of his wife while they were on safari in Africa.

According to the verdict handed down by a federal jury on Monday, Lawrence Rudolph, 67, used a shotgun to murder his wife, Bianca Rudolph and then cheated various insurance companies.

Rudolph has stated that he is innocent and that he believes the gun went off by accident. He has maintained his innocence. "I did not kill my wife.

The couple from Phoenix shared a passion for big-game hunting, and in September of 2016, they went to the country of Zambia in southern Africa so that Bianca Rudolph

In the hunting cabin at Kafue National Park, Bianca Rudolph was killed by a blast from the Browning shotgun two weeks later as she was preparing to return home with her husband.

. Court filings state that Rudolph reported hearing a gunshot early in the morning while he was in the restroom and told police he thought his wife's shotgun had gone .

However, federal prosecutors at Rudolph's trial in Denver, which took place in the city where the insurance firms are headquartered, characterized the act as one that was premeditated.

The attorney for the defense, David Markus, had maintained that there was no financial incentive for Larry Rudolph to kill his wife. In the court records, he pointed out that Rudolph .