Is It Possible That Trump and Murdoch Will Split? It's More of a Trial Separation, I Guess!

Two recent editorials critical of former President Trump and his role in the Jan. 6 rebellion

Other people, including myself in a recent newsletter, aren't so sure Murdoch is done with President Trump. The only way that will happen is if Fox News

For all we know, it could be that Fox News hasn't openly stepped off the Trump bandwagon, or that they never will. However, it could demonstrate its true colors

Trump, who is nearing the end of his political career, is now a pawn for the Journal and the Post, whose simultaneous revelations of Trump's constitutional violations

Murdoch-Trump was never a solid partnership in the first place. This union has been heading towards breakupville for some time now. As for the rumors of Murdoch

There will be a reconciliation between Rupert Murdoch and Donald Trump if they decide it is to their mutual advantage to do so. The bottom line is that Murdoch and Trump

Vox Media is shedding 39 employees, or less than 2% of its workforce, as a result. "The current economic conditions are affecting companies like ours in numerous ways

Among Vox's most popular brands are New York Magazine, The Verge, Vulture, Thrillist, and Popsugar. The corporation is cutting off employees in a few critical departments