iPhone 14 Screen Shock Revealed in New Apple Leak

Several iPhone 14 rumors indicate that Apple's upcoming entry-level iPhone will be nearly identical to its predecessor

In an interview with me, acknowledged industry display specialist Ross Young, CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants

The rumor also adds to an earlier report from The Elec that said Apple was considering the M12. But no one anticipated it to be employed

So, what is M12? It essentially consists of the dopant, host, and prime elements of the red, green, and blue pixels of OLED displays.

7/23 Update: More information on the iPhone 14 range's production has surfaced. In a tweet thread, influential TF International Securities analyst

One of the key discussion points surrounding the iPhone 14 lineup is battery capacity. While the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max,

While M12 will boost the power efficiency of iPhone 14 displays over their predecessors, he clarified that this does not guarantee

Young also provided context for Samsung's omission of the M12 in the Galaxy S22 lineup, stating that the "timing didn't work out." M12