For Years, Mcintosh Claims, She Was Sexually Molested by a Priest at the Institution. "He Abused Me

Manitoba's capital city of Winnipeg A small girl's white winter coat is unwrapped

Dark past

For more than a century, beginning in 1831, indigenous children in Canada were separated from their families and forced by the government

Unwillingness To Forgive

"I ask forgiveness, in particular, for the ways in which many members of the Church and of religious communities cooperated,

However, It's Not Only Catholicism

The search for answers has also been stepped up by teams probing old residential schools run by other churches.

"That nun took it off of me and threw it at my mom," CNN spoke to her about it. As a result of this, she claims that the nun dubbed her mother a "savage."

She has identified the priest as Arthur Masse, a 92-year-old who served as a priest at a residential school in Manitoba

In contrast, McIntosh feels no remorse for the Catholic Church, despite its best efforts to atone. Earlier this week, Pope Francis flew to Canada,

Particular attention is being paid to the suffering of indigenous children who have been separated from their families, forbidden from speaking their native tongue