Every Uvalde Police who Reacted to the School Shooting will be Investigated

Uvalde City Council vows to investigate every police officer who responded to the May school massacre

Demands That Police Be Taken Off Patrol

Some city council members demanded that city officers who attended the school be placed on leave

A City Council Member Criticizes the Governor of Texas

On Monday night, a resolution calling for an emergency legislative session to discuss raising the age at which people

Former Austin police detective Jesse Prado, the council's chief investigator, will interview Uvalde police personnel, King said.

The 80-minute gap between when the first bullets were fired and when the gunman was slain has been heavily criticized

Officials say Uvalde has 39 sworn cops. A Texas House investigation committee found 25 of them at the shooting scene.

Two reviews of the response so far have condemned school district police chief Pedro "Pete" Arredondo, albeit neither

His lawyer informed the Texas Tribune Arredondo wasn't the "incident commander"Arredondo told the House investigating