A kiss between two mature women who have been married for many years is also problematic in this story. We're not in the midst of a political or ideological kiss at this point.

The first homosexual kiss to ever appear in a Disney film has been met with more excitement than anyone could have anticipated.

It's something that a lot of us wanted to see in Frozen: some people think that the song "Let It Go" by the ice princess is making a reference to being gay.

In Luca, where the love between the protagonists, Luca and Alberto, was at times even more palpable than that which the cowboys in Brokeback Mountain portrayed,

We yearned for a kiss that would go down in history—one that was legendary, effervescent, and the product of a love that was defiant and passionate. I

It would be one of those kisses that take place just before the fabled "The End," when the screen goes from white to black behind the mouths of the lovers.

undeniably the century of homosexual visibility and the century of the gender revolution, the moment when women fall in love and kiss for the first time and do all of this on the big screen. I

As a result of the film's first lesbian kiss, which appeared in the just-released Lightyear, the picture has been banned from being seen by minorities in 14 countries .