Chris Rock Finally Responds to Will Smith's Oscars Slap

Chris Rock is now speaking up four months after being slapped by Will Smith

What Does Will Smith's Oscar Ban Mean: Does He Have a Chance?

Will Smith is facing a ten-year suspension from the Oscars after his contentious win.

Rock performed at New York City's Madison Square Garden on Saturday, where he and Kevin Hart co-headlined the Only Headliners Allowed comedy

The show is the first time Rock has talked publicly of The Slap, though he previously intimated that he would be making jokes about it once

The entertainer once asked the audience, "How was your weekend?" while winking at them. "Before this weekend, I had written an entire program

As a result of his behavior at the Oscars, Smith has been prohibited from attending any Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) events

Controversy marred his historic moment, as well as those of other actors. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has barred Smith

I'm still kind of absorbing what happened. So, that garbage will be brought up at some point. It will also be both serious and humorous."