Adam Mosseri Explains Why Instagram is Retroacting to Its Changes

Instagram Due to growing public outcry over the past week, Instagram has decided to roll back several recent modifications.

When asked about the failure, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri replied, "If we aren't failing every once in a while, we aren't thinking big

After a series of improvements to Instagram to compete with TikTok and better handle the transition in user behavior from sharing static

Kim Kardashian and sister Kylie Jenner posted memes on Monday urging Instagram to "Make Instagram Instagram again."

Users are generally opposed to redesigns, but in this case, Mosseri added, the high-profile displeasure was supported by Instagram's

"People are frustrated and the usage statistics isn't terrific," he remarked about the new feed designs. Taking a step back, refocusing,

Zuckerberg predicts that this percentage will be approximately 30% by the year 2023. To further tailor its recommendations, Instagram

Then then, I don't think that's happening enough at the moment. We need to take a step back and improve ranking