On Wednesday, Ezra Miller, 29, was again in the news as Warner Bros. stated that it no longer planned to make the $90 million Batgirl project, which Miller is not affiliated with, as Newsweek

Fans and critics alike linked Miller to the story because of their work on D.C. Comics' The Flash, in which they play the title role. A June 2023 release date for

In spite of this, allegations leveled against the actor in recent years have most certainly turned them into something of a liability for film producers.

as assaulting a partygoer in Hawaii. Most recently, Miller has been accused of alleged grooming and coercive control by the parents of activist Tokata Iron Eyes,

. To this, the woman appeared to reply by approaching Miller in a jocularly aggressive manner, to which Miller responded by seizing her by the throat and throwing

Miller addressed members of the Ku Klux Klan in a video that has since been deleted from Instagram. In the video, he told the Klansmen to kill themselves and added,

The Hawai'i Police Department has issued a press release stating the following: "Miller was taken into custody and charged with both of the felonies

When Nadia, a woman with whom Miller had previously engaged in a consensual sexual relationship, said that Miller refused to leave her home in February 2022 despite her repeated pleadings,