Watch. Johnny Depp laughs in courtroom at psychiatrist’s weird replies to lawyers

Psychiatrist Dr David Spiegel testified in the court for Amber Heard’s behalf on Monday and left Johhny Depp and others in splits with one of his answers. Johnny broke into a laughter and covered his face with his palm when Dr David gave an interesting answer to his lawyer’s inquiry about Marlon Brando. The psychiatrist indicated that Johnny lost work because of his memory impairment due to drugs and alcohol use.

Dr Spiegel said he knows about Johnnyusing an earpiece for his lines on set. At the point when Johnny’s lawyer Wayne Dennison asked him whether he knew Marlon Brando used an earpiece on movies, Dr Davidquestioned back, “Isn’t he dead!” When Wayne agreed he was indeed dead, Dr David answered, “So the answer is no, he doesn’t use one now.”


This drove Johnny to break into giggling. The actor put his hand over his face as he laughed. Other lawyers, too, were seen giggling.

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