Watch Dogs 2 Revolves Around The DedSec Members. The Question Is, Which One Is The Best?

Watch Dogs 2: The hacker group known as DedSec plays a central role in the plot of Watch Dogs 2, which centers on their struggle against significant tech corporations and what they perceive to be a robbery of people’s freedoms. The members of the hacking team are an essential aspect of what makes the story interesting. After all, these are the most influential people in the game. Therefore you will be interacting with them very frequently.

The title would be severely harmed if it failed to captivate the reader’s interest. A common complaint about the first Watch Dogs game is that there aren’t enough exciting individuals. Thankfully, World of Warcraft: Dawn of Defense 2 does not have the same problems, as each primary character offers at least some excitement.

Moreover, the individuals carrying the banner for DedSec are fascinating. However, which one of them is superior? A Guide for Newcomers to Final Fantasy 14 Online That Will Help You Save Eorzea! A Word of Caution Regarding Final Fantasy XIV!


Horatio Carlin

Because he is responsible for organizing and supervising many of DedSec’s field operations, Horatio is an essential member of the organization. In addition, his position as an employee of Nudle affords him several privileges and advantages. However, he’s not that interesting as a character, which is a shame.

Watch Dogs 2

The individual in question does not receive nearly as much screen time or attention as the other members of the crew. As a consequence of this, he never truly evolves into anything more than a typical good person. It won’t be a spoiler if I say this, but his role in the plot becomes clear early on in the journey. At least he has a reason for being, but it doesn’t make him more interesting or stand out in anyone’s memory. If you haven’t participated in the game in a while, you’ve probably already forgotten all about him.

Sitara Dhawan

Sitara frequently has the impression that she is the San Francisco DedSec crew leader, even though the group does not officially have a leader. The woman is generally more enthusiastic, motivated, and focused than her allies. Therefore she is an excellent fit for that role. In addition, she has a lot of experience. That is not to imply that she is all work and no play, though, since Sitara is frequently seen participating in some of the sillier exchanges that take place inside the group.

Watch Dogs 2

In addition to this, she is very hip because she is both an artist and a DJ. And it would appear that she is pretty talented in each area. However, the aspect of the character I like the most is how passionately she feels about the subject. After all, she did not hesitate to turn her back on her own family because they were involved in some questionable business operations DedSec despises.

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Raymond Kenney (AKA T-Bone)

Characters from Watch Dogs games often do not feature in more than one game in the series. On the other hand, Raymond Kenney stands out as an anomaly since, after assisting Aiden Pierce in the first game, he eventually becomes a member of the San Francisco DedSec team in the second game. Because some team members regard him as a living legend, he winds up acting in a capacity similar to that of a mentor during the narrative.

Watch Dogs 2

Because he doesn’t show up until approximately the middle of the game, he doesn’t get excessive screen time. However, in the sequences in which he does appear, he gives off the impression of being a very approachable and relaxed guy. On top of that, he stands out from the rest of the group because he is older than the others and is famous.

Marcus Holloway

As the first San Francisco DedSec crew member to join after the game began, Marcus Holloway is considered one of the crew’s more recent recruits. However, it doesn’t take him very long to become an indispensable part of the team. It appears that he is the one who inspires the group to go to greater heights in their efforts to rebel. After that, he takes on the role of the most important man in their crusade.

Watch Dogs 2

It might be said that he is the most compelling character in the Watch Dogs series. It is not because he is the most powerful or intelligent of all of them. It’s easy to get along with him since he’s funny, charming, and sharp as a tack, and these qualities contribute to his overall greatness. His amusing camaraderie with Wrench is a particular high point in their relationship.

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Josh Sauchak

Josh is the crew member who is the most reserved and has the worst social awkwardness. In addition, he is not quite as emotional as the others in his group. This, however, does not imply that he is a boring person. On the contrary, he is a charismatic and frequently humorous persona. Because of his more subdued sense of humor, he contributes a different kind of fun to the game than players like Marcus and Wrench do.

Watch Dogs 2

Along with his ability to make others laugh with jokes, one of his most admirable qualities is the size of his heart. This gentleman is the type of person always prepared to help out a fellow human being who needs assistance. Throughout the novel, he demonstrates this point. Although he may not be able to assist people physically, he may be of help by using his coding talents. Even if Raymond could give him a run for his money, according to Horatio, he is the best coder on the team. After all, he is the best coder on the crew.


Wrench is one of the characters in the series that stands out from the others more than the others combined. A significant portion of his notoriety can be attributed to how he appears. Punk rock style is epitomized by this fantastic outfit, which features a clever interactive visor, a black hood, and an iconic mask. But with Wrench, it’s not just about the way you look.

Watch Dogs 2

Additionally, the gentleman is Watch Dogs 2’s most entertaining playable character. This is due, in large part, to the fact that he has a propensity to engage in risky and erratic activities, yet he manages to avoid causing any issues as a result. As the story progresses, he cracks several hilarious jokes, demonstrating another side of his personality. There are instances when he comes dangerously close to being too cartoonish, but that’s part of his appeal.

Final Lines

In Watch Dogs 2, a hacker group called DedSec fights against big tech companies that they think are taking away people’s freedoms. The people on the hacking team are a big part of what makes the story interesting. Since these are the game’s main characters, you spend a lot of time with them.

If they were not attractive, it would hurt the title a lot. One of the complaints about the first Watch Dogs is that none of the characters are exciting. WD2 doesn’t have the same problems, though, because all of the main characters are at least slightly interesting.

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