Was Jeffrey Dahmer In The Army? How Long Did He Stay And Why Was He Fired?

Was Jeffrey Dahmer In The Army? American serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer continues to be a topic of intense interest. Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, Netflix’s newest limited series on his life, has been at the top of the streaming service’s charts for over a week, and another docuseries, Conversations With a Killer: The Jeffrey Dahmer Tapes, debuts on October 7.

In Monster, Dahmer’s 17 killings are fictionalized to explore how he remained undetected for almost a decade. Many of his murders involved necrophilia, dismemberment, and cannibalism, and his victims ranged in age from 14 to 33. However, during his lengthy murdering spree, Dahmer served in the military, a fact that many people are unaware of.

Episode four of the limited series delves into this subject; Dahmer brags about some of his killings during his military service. After being tracked down and tried in 1992, Dahmer was given 15 consecutive life sentences.

In 1994, fellow inmate Christopher Scarver beat him to death in prison. Learn more about Jeffrey Dahmer’s stint in the military, including whether or not he killed anyone, how long he served, and why he was discharged.


Was Jeffrey Dahmer In The Army?

Yes, Dahmer served as an Army medic in Germany for three years. Reports from The Cinemaholic and AP News indicate that he served in the country from July 1979 until March 1981. After killing his first victim, 18-year-old Steven Hicks, in June 1978, he enrolled at Ohio State University, where he studied business, as reported by Newsweek.

Despite Lionel Dahmer’s best efforts, his son dropped out of college after only three months. Afterward, Lionel urged his son to join the military, as reported by The Cinemaholic.

When Dahmer Was In The Military, What Role Did He Play?

According to The New York Times, Dahmer first enlisted to serve with the military police; nevertheless, he was sent to a six-week medical specialized training at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas. This is according to The Cinemaholic. Jeffrey was performing health checks on patients as a military equivalent to a nurse’s aide. Wait A Minute. Please Take A Look At Other Articles Derek Jeter’s Net Worth

According to The Cinemaholic, in July of 1979, he was assigned to Baumholder, West Germany, where he served as a combat medic with the 2nd Battalion, 68th Armored Regiment, 8th Infantry Division. According to Distractify, his initial reviews indicated that he performed “about as well as expected” in the military.

How Long Did He Serve In The Army?

From March 1979 until the following year, in March 1981, Dahmer served as mayor. According to The Cinemaholic, he was given an honorable discharge from the military under Chapter 9 of the Code of Military Justice at the time.

Why Did He Get Kicked Out Of The Army?

Dahmer’s drinking problem, which he reportedly developed as a teenager, disqualified him from military service. In a March 24, 1981, debriefing at Fort Jackson, South Carolina, Dahmer was handed a plane ticket and told he could go wherever he wanted. According to Newsweek, he moved to Miami Beach for two months, working at a delicatessen before being kicked out of his hotel for nonpayment of rent.

Dahmer returned to Ohio with his father, Lionel, and stepmother, Shari but was arrested for drunk and disorderly conduct just two weeks later. Newsweek reported that he was fined $60 and suspended a 10-day jail sentence. Dahmer moved in with his grandmother Catherine Dahmer in West Allis, Wisconsin, two months after returning home.

As a phlebotomist at the Milwaukee Blood Plasma Center, he is responsible for taking blood samples from patients. The Milwaukee Ambrosia Chocolate Factory hired Dahmer in 1985 after he was laid off from his previous job ten months earlier.

In July 1991, Dahmer told the police that “fantasies of killing individuals that he had when he was 17 or 18 recurred when he left the Army and came to Milwaukee,” according to The New York Times, adding that he “did not kill again until late 1984 or early 1985, when he ‘found the homosexual clubs.'”

Newsweek reports that he was jailed multiple times for acts of indecency, including exposing himself in public and engaging in lewd and lascivious behavior.

Did Dahmer Kill Anyone While He Was In The Army?

Once news of his murders became public in 1991, the military investigated five homicides during his service. And authorities in Germany reopened cases from Dahmer’s time in the nation but didn’t find any similarities, per The Cinemaholic and Military Times. Even while serving in the military, Jeffrey Dahmer sexually attacked two guys.

Dahmer reportedly worked in a medic unit with Preston Davis, who was 20. According to the New York Daily News, Black man Davis described Dahmer as a “racist guy” who “after he started drinking. He became a very unpleasant individual.” He went so far as to allege that Dahmer would boast about his victims while intoxicated: “Jeffrey had slain his first victim a year before joining the military, and he would get drunk in the barracks and say, ‘I killed the guy in Ohio.'”

According to Davis’s survivor narrative published on Protect Our Defenders, a national human rights organization dedicated to eradicating sexual assault and racism in the military, Dahmer was Davis’s boss from October 5 to October 25, 1979. They were training together when their car broke down, forcing them to make the three- or four-day trek on foot to the nearest railway station.

Davis claims that he was alone with Dahmer then and was sexually attacked. Because I’ve lost track of time and have blank spots in my recollection, I think I was drugged. I remember very little of what happened,” he wrote. According to The Sun, Davis claims they were in the middle of Belgium when Dahmer decided not to kill him because he had no idea how to return to Germany.

Davis moved on to a new unit after the incident, but his career took a nosedive as a result of the trauma, as reported by The Cinemaholic. Davis said on Protect Our Defenders, “he blames himself for all the horrific things that Jeffrey Dahmer committed to another victim.” As with Dahmer, Capshaw says that he was the victim of sexual assault at the hands of the latter. According to The Independent, he said that Dahmer raped him “eight to 10 times.”

In addition to stealing mail from Capshaw’s family, the New York Daily News reports that Dahmer would lock Capshaw inside their room. Sober, Dahmer was a pleasant guy, but when intoxicated, he turned violent, according to Capshaw. Capshaw recalled, “He was tying me to the bunk with motor-pool rope.”

He grabbed everything I was wearing from me. He would always beat me before or after he raped me. The Sun claims that despite Capshaw’s repeated attempts to flee from Jeffrey, he was always returned to his abusers.

According to The Cinemaholic, Dahmer assaulted people for another 17 months after Capshaw reported him and submitted to a rape test. Because of their common encounter with the serial killer, Davis and Capshaw have become close.

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