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Violent Night Release Date: When Will Be Release?

Violent Night Release Date: Officially, production has begun on a new action-comedy film set around the holiday season. The Norwegian director Tommy Wirkola will have a movie, Violent Night, in theaters for the holidays. Production will be handled by 87North Productions, while Universal Pictures will govern distribution. 87North Productions is best known for making last year’s Nobody, which starred Bob Odenkirk. Norway’s most well-known filmmaker, Wirkola, is revered for his ability to combine action, comedy, and horror in his films.

Kill Buljo is a parody of the film Kill Bill, and his Dead Snow series features students fighting off Nazi zombies from World War II. Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters (2013), Wirkola’s first feature film in English, is his most well-known work. And it looks like he’s taking on the perennial holiday favorite, the Christmas movie, with his typical gritty flair. David Harbour, star of Netflix’s Stranger Things, will play Santa Claus, a position that couldn’t be more different from Jim Hopper’s.

The portrayal of Santa Claus by Harbour is anything from cheerful. What do we know about Tommy Wirkola’s Violent Night, bearing this in mind? To what conclusion will the story build? Who else stars besides Harbour? May you tell me when and where I can see this movie? What else do you want people to know before watching Violent Night?


Violent Night Story

Supposedly, the plot will revolve around a band of mercenaries who, on Christmas Eve, break into the home of a family resembling the protagonists in Succession and hold them hostage, invoking slightly harsher Home Alone vibes. The mercenaries, however, have no idea that Santa Claus himself is present and eager to prove that this St. Nick is no saint by fighting back. At CinemaCon in April of 2022, additional footage was shown for the first time.

Harbour said he had to hurl f-bombs in his character as “f**king Santa Claus” who swings a “motherf**king hammer” since the plot is so out there. When the mercenaries break-in, the little girl inside calls out to Santa for rescue, and he mysteriously responds, “Santa Claus is coming to town.” During the footage, we see Kris Kringle adopt a gory, hyper-violent persona with the help of his elf helpers, who employ various forms of martial arts.

He uses a sock full of billiard balls to beat one of the burglars to death; then, he stabs the other between the eyes with an electrified Christmas star to finish the other. To cap off his murderous rampage, Santa says, “I’m merry old St. Nick.” Keep an eye out for this if you like movies like John Wick, Die Hard, and Succession with Jim Hopper as Santa Claus. We may expect to learn more story specifics in the following days, weeks, and months. It’s hard to see how this plan could be any crazier. A “coal-dark holiday thriller” that promotes betting on red at all times.

Violent Night Cast

As was previously known, David Harbour will play the part of a violent, vengeful Santa. The idea of a gritty Santa Claus is not new, but it has never been explored to this degree before. John Leguizamo, star of the film Encanto, plays Ben, the mercenaries’ leader, and the film’s main antagonist. Anne is the family’s matriarch, and she plays the role of Beverly D’Angelo in the National Lampoon’s Vacation films.

She rules the family business with an iron grip, and her children have to compete with each other for her attention. Skyler, Anne’s son, and his estranged wife, played by Alexis Louder of The Tomorrow War, visit for the holidays. Alex Hassell is from England. Even though they disagree on many things, the couple chooses to spend the holidays with their daughter’s extended family.

Violent Night Release Date

On December 2, 2022, Universal Pictures will release Violent Night in the United States.

Violent Night Trailer

The long-awaited Violent Night teaser has arrived, and fans can finally rejoice. To put it bluntly, you don’t want to end up on this Santa’s naughty list since he doesn’t just punish bad kids with a lump of coal. What he does is much riskier, but it’s what they deserve. It’s like watching a Christmas-themed adaptation of “Die Hard.” The pleasure of the film, despite the clip’s apparent spoiling of the plot, will be in seeing Harbour show off his action chops while portraying the most endearing and cute legendary figure imaginable.

You can tell that the movie is about what it’s titled because Santa goes into battle with all barrels blazing when he defends a helpless family. This jolly old elf is big on immediate karma. The trailer establishes beyond a reasonable doubt that this action comedy will be packed with excitement and adventure, making it an irresistible, indulgent gift for the Christmas season. Watch a preview in the player above to get a taste of what’s to come.

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