Vigero GTA 5: Why Vigero ZX Should Be Purchased By GTA Online Players?

Vigero GTA 5: The Declasse Vigero ZX, a potent muscle automobile with strength and speed, has recently been added to GTA Online. Even though the wheels and headlights are modeled after other models, it is mainly based on the 2017–2018 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1. It has the potential to become the game’s fastest car with a few modifications.

This one surpassed the modified Stirling GT’s previous record. Both vehicles require HSW modifications to function, but GTA Online users with significant budgets ought to give the Vigero ZX a look. There’s a good reason why plenty of people were interested in this drip-fed car.

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Why Is The Vigero ZX A Suitable Muscle Car In Grand Theft Auto Online?

Where To Purchase And Price Information?

Players of GTA Online must go to Southern San Andreas Super Autos. At $1,947,000, the Vigero ZX is a pretty expensive car. Naturally, those who want superior performance stats will have to pay more.

At the LS Car Meet, Hao’s Special Works would set you back $385,000. Players should update their vehicles with these outstanding enhancements. They’ll notice a noticeable speed change immediately away. Additionally, the Vigero ZX is entirely free for GTA+ subscribers. But this limited-time offer ends on September 28. Remember that this subscription service costs $5.99 per month for players.

Overall Effectiveness (Acceleration, Speed, Handling)

A YouTuber named Broughy1322 has a channel entirely devoted to GTA Online automobiles. Throughout all of his tests, he consistently gives precise top speeds. According to his research, a typical Vigero ZX can travel 125 miles per hour. With HSW enhancements, it can also go at a top speed of 157.50 mph.

It is the game’s quickest vehicle as of right now. Additionally, the Vigero ZX excels at drifting, especially when equipped with spoilers and low traction tires. Besides, it’s a good vehicle for driving exercises. More Car Games Are Here Like; Entertainment Games Are Among The Best PS4 Games For Kids.

However, there is still room for improvement in the handling. Players will need to learn how to apply their brakes correctly in GTA Online because it might occasionally feel pretty slow. Furthermore, they must exercise caution when using horsepower. However, good drifts will still be given to skilled drivers. No better vehicle is available for GTA Online players who enjoy muscle vehicles. A beast with HSW enhancements, the Vigero ZX. It surpasses every muscle car in terms of the highest speed, reaching 157.50 miles per hour. Occasionally, it even moves too quickly for the screen to keep up.

Vigero GTA 5

As long as the drivers use caution when applying the brakes, the car also has good handling for drifting. When it comes to driving, there is a slight learning curve. The appropriate construction can take some time, but it will be worthwhile. This muscle car can be customized to a great extent in GTA Online.

The Vigero ZX is a good option overall for the summer DLC upgrade. It stands out since it is exceedingly quick and has a somewhat intimidating appearance. This automobile fulfills the desires of gamers who adore the real-world Camaro.

Price & More Details!

Here’s a list of major customization options available for the Vigeor ZX:


  • None – $10000
  • EMS Upgrade, Level 4 – $8000
  • EMS Upgrade, Level 3 – $6000
  • EMS Upgrade, Level 2 – $4000
  • EMS Upgrade, Level 1 – $2000

Interior, Column Shifter Levers

  • HSW Stage IIII Turbo – $800
  • HSW Stage II Turbo – $600
  • HSW Stage I Turbo – $400
  • Turbo Tuning – $200


  • Black Sunstrip – $600
  • Primary Sunstrip – $200
  • Secondary Sunstrip – $400

Plate, License

  • Extras – $200
  • Blue on White 2 – $200
  • Blue on White 3 – $200
  • Yellow on Black – $200
  • Yellow on Blue – $200


  • Carbon Roof – $400
  • Secondary Roof – $200
  • HSW Forged Carbon Roof – $600

Rear Bumpers

  • Carbon Street Bumper – $400
  • Trim Street Bumper – $200
  • Trim Fin Splitter – $800
  • Secondary Street Bumper – $600
  • Secondary Fin Splitter – $1200
  • Carbon Fin Splitter – $1000
  • Carbon Racer Splitter – $1600
  • Trim Racer Splitter – $1400
  • Arc Trim Racer Splitter – $2000
  • Secondary Racer Splitter – $1800
  • Arc Sec. Racer Splitter – $2400
  • Arc Carbon Racer Splitter – $2200
  • Super Carbon Splitter – 2800
  • Super Trim Splitter – $2600

Front Bumpers

  • Carbon Street Bumper – $400
  • Trim Street Bumper – $200
  • Trim Fin Splitter – $800
  • Secondary Street Bumper – $600
  • Secondary Fin Splitter – $1200
  • Carbon Fin Splitter – $1000
  • Carbon Racer Splitter – $1600
  • Trim Racer Splitter – $1400
  • Secondary Races Splitter – $1800

ItzFrolickz, a well-known YouTuber, claims that the car is relatively quick for a Muscle car. Fans of the Camaro will be thrilled by how similar the automobile looks to the actual thing. According to the game data, the vehicle’s top speed without any performance enhancements is 98.15 mph (157.95 km/h).

For $1,947,000, it can be purchased at Southern San Andreas Super Autos. That’s not all, though. The car is free for GTA+ members, who may even upgrade it to the HSW version without paying anything extra.

After making a purchase, players can have the item delivered by the mechanic or store it in one of their garages or properties. Los Santos Customs or Auto Shops lets players modify the vehicle to their liking.

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