Vanna White Net Worth: How Did Vanna Get So Rich?

Vanna White Net Worth: Vanna White, an American game show host, shot to popularity as the show’s “letter-turner” on NBC’s “Wheel of Fortune.” Because of her attractiveness, charisma, and enthusiasm, she has been able to keep the audience’s attention since the first day she presented the show.

For a time, the country was consumed by “Vannamania,” and many newborns were given her name. Even while the initial excitement has passed, she continues to enjoy massive popularity and has become a bona fide fashion icon in her own right. Her legacy lives on in the form of “Vanna” dolls and fragrances.

She’s a famous TV host, but off-screen she’s a doting mom of two who knits and crochets constantly. She took up crocheting after learning the skill from her grandmother and finds it relaxing. She is always giving away the things she has knitted. She has written an autobiography named “Vanna Speaks” and a yarn line called “Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice Yarn.”

Vanna White Net Worth
Vanna White Net Worth

Vanna White Early Life

Born Miguel Angel Rosich on February 18, 1957, in Conway, South Carolina, United States to parents Miguel Angel Rosich and Joan Marie, she was raised by a Puerto Rican ancestor and given the name Vanna White. When Vanna was very young, he upped and left. As a result, her mother was responsible for bringing her up.

Her mother wed Herbert Stackley White in the end. After that, Herbert got a job as a real estate agent in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and the whole family relocated there. When Vanna was young, her stepfather adopted her and changed her name to White.

Vanna never watched TV as a kid and had no interest in fame or fortune. At age 11, she had to have her appendix removed, and it was the turning point. TV watching was her go-to for stress relief.

Christopher George, her long-lost uncle, played Sgt. Sam Troy on “The Rat Patrol,” and she just found out about it. Seeing her uncle on television inspired her to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. Vanna attended the “Atlanta School of Fashion” after finishing high school.

To make ends meet, she started doing some modeling. In 1979, she moved to Los Angeles in hopes of becoming an actress. She had to hold down several jobs so that the family could afford to live. She went back to be with her mom after she was diagnosed with cancer, and she ended up staying till her mom passed away in 1980. You may also read Jay-Z Net Worth

Vanna White Career

Vanna White returned to Los Angeles after her mother’s death and kept her job as a waitress there. During this period, she started getting bit parts in films like Looker (1981) and Graduation Day (1983). (1981).

After making an appearance on an episode of “Star of the Family” in November 1982, Vanna decided to try out for the role of co-host and letter-turner on “Wheel of Fortune.” On December 13th, 1982, Vanna began her career on the Wheel of Fortune set. Since then, she’s been hosting the show’s afternoon broadcast. She also hosts the evening edition of the show alongside Pat Sajak.

Beginning in September 1983, when the syndicated version of “Wheel of Fortune” first aired, Vanna White’s notoriety skyrocketed. In 1986, the show’s 30 million spectators helped bring in $100 million. Around 40 million viewers were tuning in by 1999.

Vanna’s autobiography, titled “Vanna Speaks,” was released in May 1987. She became an instant celebrity, and the book was an instant best-seller. The critics were not kind to Vanna’s Venus in the 1988 NBC TV movie Goddess of Love.

She had a cameo on 1996’s “WrestleMania IV” as the show’s guest timekeeper. Vanna provided the voices of major characters in two animated TV shows that aired in the ’90s. First, there was “The Real Story of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star,” an animated television special from Canada that aired in 1992, and second, there was “Captain Planet and the Planeteers,” an animated television series that aired in the United States from 1990 to 1996.

In the final episode of the series, “Naked Gun 3313: The Final Insult,” she had a little role. She narrated and sang lead on the CD release of “Santa’s Last Ride” from 1996. Afterward, she started making cameo appearances on television shows like “L.A. More specifically, both Super Mario Bros.

In 2017, she had guest appearances on shows such as “The Super Show,” “Simon & Simon,” “The King of Queens,” “Full House,” “Married…With Children,” and “Fresh Off the Boat.”

Vanna White Personal Life

When Vanna White first set out from North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, she had only $1,000 to her name. She was a waitress and a model while she was in college in Atlanta and while she was trying to make it big in Los Angeles.

Former Chippendales dancer and “Playgirl” centerfold John Gibson dated Vanna in the 1980s. They became engaged in the ’80s, but Gibson’s untimely death in a plane crash in ’86 prevented their wedding.

For a short while during the summer of 1980, she returned home to South Carolina to be with her mother as she battled ovarian cancer. Her mother fought valiantly against the sickness but ultimately lost. Vanna wed the restaurant owner, George Santo Pietro, in the winter of 1990.

In Beverly Hills, Santo Pietro was born into a wealthy family. In the early ’80s, he launched his first eatery. After that, he started serving sushi to A-listers at his restaurant Sushi-Ko. They had two children together: a son named Nicholas in 1994 and a girl named Giovanna (Gigi) in 1997.

White and Santo Pietro’s divorce was finalized in November 2002. Grandma showed her how to crochet when she was five years old. She continues to like this activity. Following her appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson,” where she spoke about her passion for crocheting, Lion Brand Yarns reached out to her.

Vanna White Net Worth
Vanna White Net Worth

She signed an agreement with the business to further her Vanna’s Choice yarn brand. White donates to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. So far, she has donated $1.8 million to St. Jude’s. After leaving “Wheel of Fortune,” she plans to keep up her philanthropic work.

Vanna White Net Worth

Vanna White is a famous American actress, model, and TV personality who is worth $85 million. She is famous for her role as the hostess and puzzle board turner on the long-running game program “Wheel of Fortune.”

As of this writing, Vanna has a net worth of $85 million, over $15 million more than her co-host Pat Sajak, whose wealth is estimated to be $70 million. The disparity can be traced back to real estate transactions she made with her ex-husband, George Santo Pietro, a chef and property developer.

At the time of the year 2020, Alex Trebek was worth an estimated $75.0 million. For this reason, Vanna is/was the wealthiest of the three. As we’ll see, Vanna White’s annual salary from “Wheel of Fortune” is only $10 million, and that’s not even her primary source of income.

In recent years, she and Pat Sajak have both made more money licensing their likenesses to slot machines in casinos than they have from the game show itself.

Real Estate

The Mulholland Estates was a gated community where Vanna and George Santo Pietro used to live. It turns out that Warren Beatty and Jack Nicholson lived with them. They finished the project by building a 15,000-square-foot display house in the exclusive Beverly Park community.

The pair lived there until their separation in 2002. They got a divorce, moved out, and rented the house for $175,000 a month for a few years. In 2017, they listed the mansion for $47.5 million. They, too, owned a house in the area.

One by one, the two houses were sold. In order to acquire the second parcel, $22 million was expended. In June 2020, the original land on which Vanna’s residence stood sold for $19.3 million. Watch this video for a look around their former residence.

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