Valenwood Elder Scrolls 6: Everything We Know

Valenwood Elder Scrolls 6: You have arrived at the definitive source for Elder Scrolls 6 information. Unfortunately, all we can contribute to this table are leftovers. Nothing new has been revealed about Elder Scrolls 6 since it was announced at E3 2018. We don’t think we will for quite some time. However, until then, we will not hesitate to speculate, and we will gladly pass along the most credible rumors: where in Tamriel may the next installment take place? When could it happen in time?

After the release of Starfield, Bethesda’s massive sci-fi RPG, scheduled for sometime in 2023, we anticipate having more concrete information regarding Elder Scrolls 6. Since Bethesda is currently focusing on the space game, we may expect to hear nothing about the next Elder Scrolls installment for quite some time. Still, if you’re into space travel, it sounds like there will be plenty more planets to explore in the meantime.

There is no shortage of Elder Scrolls games to pass the time while you wait. In any case, Bethesda has been kind enough to provide us with a dozen or so re-releases of Skyrim, and many of the earliest Elder Scrolls titles have been made available on Steam. After all, you can always give Morrowind a shot whenever you like.

The Elder Scrolls hype will be kept at a low but steady boil with the help of our regular updates to this trove of fresh rumors, interviews, and official pronouncements. All updates regarding our eventual return to Tamriel will be posted here. Eventually.


The Elder Scrolls 6 Release Date

The delayed release of Starfield in 2023 guarantees that it will be complete before the release of Elder Scrolls 6. Todd Howard stated in June 2022 that “pre-production” was underway on Elder Scrolls 6. Bear down since this is going to be a protracted struggle.

The Elder Scrolls 6 Trailer

The Elder Scrolls 6’s teaser trailer was revealed by Todd Howard personally at E3 2018. Learn as much as you can about it. Could you take a deep breath and enjoy it? We won’t be receiving another official look at the next game in the series until much later than this one. We’ve gotten into fan speculation about the teaser’s meaning below if you’re looking for further context.

The Elder Scrolls 6 Location

Due to the lack of information, fans of the Elder Scrolls series have been dissecting the 2018 teaser trailer to piece together any hints it may contain. Todd Howard said there might be hints in the teaser, stating that there are “hints at where it’s set.” Those ideas have spread like wildfire through the community. The location of The Elder Scrolls 6 has been chosen, and according to Todd Howard, the choice was made a long time ago.

Steep Rock

It’s not too far-fetched of an assumption, and it’s the dominant theory. The original teaser clip features rock formations and gives the impression of a high. Now you know where the name High Rock comes from. However, that is not sufficient for conclusive proof. High Rock is already covered by the early games, as the TES’s topography is dynamic and is subject to change. As have the provinces of Hammerfell, Morrowind, Cyrodiil, and Skyrim.

E3 2021’s Starfield video may have hinted at an Elder Scrolls game, adding fuel to the fire of fan conjecture. A tiny blemish on the ship’s cabin could be mistaken for a map of Earth. It looks like Illiac Bay, located between High Rock and Hammerfell in Tamriel. Perhaps it’s little more than a tiny form, yet it stands out anyway. Hammerfell has been mentioned, and Bethesda may have even hinted at it being a potential setting. Perhaps things are beginning to make sense.


Hammerfell is added to the list of potential vacation spots, according to a New Year’s tweet by Bethesda at the tail end of 2020. The phrase “mapping the future” in the released image has people wondering if it could be a hint regarding Elder Scrolls 6. Fans have theorized that the position of the candles on the image, particularly the one under the word “Hammerfell” in the blank section of the map to the west of Skyrim, is a clue. It’s possible that the stony, arid landscape seen in the first teaser trailer could correspond to Hammerfell, where the Redguard people live, because of the Alik’s Desert there.


There is a remote likelihood of Elsweyr. One reason is that it doesn’t frequently appear, leaving loads of imagination opportunities. Second, it’s the original home of the Khajiit, and it could make sense to zero in on one of Skyrim’s more prominent ethnic groups. We have our doubts, though, because Elsweyr was just featured in a 2019 Elder Scrolls Online expansion.

Black Marsh or Valenwood

It would help if you didn’t go to Black Marsh. The preview has an entirely different aesthetic. We also find Valenwood implausible because of the abundance of swamps there. It’s possible the teaser was designed to mislead. Of course, it’s also possible that we’re simply returning to a location we’ve already explored. The Elder Scrolls Online has significantly reduced the size of the remaining portion of Tamriel that has not been studied.

That may encourage TES6 to take a risk and head overseas, perhaps to the mysterious continent of Akavir, home to interesting-sounding races like the benevolent Snow Demons of Kamal and the vampire-like snake-like Tsaesci. Alternatively, it may prompt Bethesda to look back on an earlier province, such as High Rock (which is the most likely assumption).

How Far Along Is The Elder Scrolls 6’s Development?

In an interview from June of 2021, Todd Howard commented, “It’s good to think about The Elder Scrolls 6 as still being in a design [phase].” “However, the technology is being evaluated: “Will this support the features we intend to implement in that game?” Since new tech suites are implemented with each new game, the Creation Engine 2 will receive some upgrades for Elder Scrolls 6.”

As Howard stated, Bethesda’s Creation Engine is the backbone of The Elder Scrolls 6. Therefore development on it is already underway. Howard speculated in 2016 that the technology required to create Bethesda’s vision for it just wasn’t there at the time. He remarked, “I could just sit here and explain the game to you, and you’d be like, ‘That sounds like you don’t even have the technology; how long is that going to take?'”

And so, what we have in mind for that game is something that will take a long time to implement. In a different interview, Todd Howard mentioned a “huge engine rewrite” for Starfield. Bethesda is investing heavily in the front end of their next generation of role-playing games, and ES6 will certainly benefit from the same new engine tech. In an interview with IGN before E3 2019, Todd Howard warned fans to be patient for Elder Scrolls 6.

Over a decade will have passed since the release of Skyrim before the next single-player adventure in Tamriel is unveiled. “Separation times will be quite lengthy. It’s there already. A part of me thinks it’s okay to miss out on things once in a while. It helps people look at it with brand new eyes, and I think that once they see the game and what we’re going for, they’ll have a better grasp of the chasm between the current state of the art and where we want to take it.”

Delaying the release of TES6 is Howard’s crew’s desire to avoid being dubbed “the Elder Fallout Guys,” among other factors. Hines told GameSpot in 2017 that “I think Todd and his team have earned the right, given the quality of this material, to be able to say, ‘We realize everybody wants [TES6], but we as creative people want to be able to develop stuff that we’re enthusiastic about,'” They desired autonomy over what they worked on next, whether it be improved versions of preexisting products or brand new intellectual property.

What Is The Earliest We Can Expect To See More Of The Elder Scrolls 6?

It won’t arrive until well until 2023, when Bethesda rolls out its next major title, Starfield. The Elder Scrolls 6 won’t enter full development until that project is completed, so we can probably expect it to launch around the middle of the 2020s. Bethesda is likely setting up TES6 for a similar sequence to that followed by Oblivion, Fallout 4, and Skyrim before their releases (Oblivion was intended for a November 2005 release; it was postponed to March 2006).

Hines told us in 2016 that there won’t be any vertical slice demos for the upcoming Elder Scrolls game as a sign of quality and a soother for the development team to design the game itself. In other words, until most of The Elder Scrolls 6 is developed, the shot of the mountains may be the last we see of the game.

In an interview with, Bethesda’s vice president of marketing, Pete Hines, addressed why The Elder Scrolls 6 was unveiled at E3, given we already know that Starfield will be released first. “For this reason, I’ve recently had discussions with him and other team members about the possibility of publishing a more detailed studio roadmap that states, in essence.

“Yes, we are making this game called Starfield, and here’s what it is, and yes, we are going to make Elder Scrolls 6, but we have these other two games to develop and make first.” It provides people a clearer picture of our current situation and plans.”

Will Xbox One Owners Be Forced To Wait For The Elder Scrolls 6?

We’ve all probably heard by now that Microsoft has acquired Bethesda. There will likely be no immediate drawbacks to this information for PC gamers. If the past is prologue, Microsoft will be more than willing to distribute Elder Scrolls 6 on PC, possibly even Steam. PS5 owners will be left out in the cold and have to slog through the Windows 10 shop to acquire a copy.

The Elder Scrolls 6 was already expected to have a sizable budget to become Bethesda’s next blockbuster role-playing game, but Microsoft’s backing certainly won’t hurt. It’s unlikely that the PS5 will ever get the game, but it’ll be available on Game Pass from the get-go. That’s a compelling argument in favor of joining.

Microsoft is now celebrating the Xbox’s 20th anniversary, and the announcement of Elder Scrolls 6: Special Edition coincides with these festivities. Microsoft’s Xbox head Phil Spencer was a bit oblique, adding, “I’d like us to be able to bring everything we’ve got to Xbox. Indeed, it is how I feel about Elder Scrolls 6!” The notification confirms that The Elder Scrolls 6 will not be available on PlayStation.

The Elder Scrolls 6: Will It Have Mod Support?

Adding custom content to role-playing games by Bethesda is a fundamental aspect of PC gaming. Something about a player community being allowed carte blanche to produce breathtaking creations restores faith in humanity. The Forgotten City, based on a Skyrim mod, has been made available even a complete game.

Even if the fallout from Bethesda’s shaky Creation Club launch hasn’t faded completely, you can rest assured that The Elder Scrolls 6 will support mods. Bethesda has stated that all their games, including the upcoming online version of Fallout 76, will be moddable.

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