13 Unusual Kitchen Gadgets Supplies You Didn’t Know You Needed!

Unusual Kitchen Gadgets: Everyone knows the essential kitchen equipment: Several pots with matching lids, mixing basins, large spoons for stirring, a cutting board, and a good set of knives. Beyond that, however, anyone can play. There seem to be new culinary devices released every week, and different chefs swear by various kitchen tools. How do you decide what purchases are worthwhile and which ones are not?

This list fills that need. To help you improve your culinary skills and the contents of your kitchen cabinets, we’ve put together a list of 25 unusual kitchen gadgets that are both practical and unique. While you’re at it, look at the 40 Kitchen Essentials for Healthy Cooks. Additionally, you can subscribe to Eat This, Not That! magazine and save 50% off the cover price for additional cooking tips and tricks!

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Avocado Slicer

unusual kitchen gadgets

Although millennials will blow our house funds on avocado toast, making them at home is a wiser, more cost-effective move. The only issue is that pitting and slicing an avocado can be risky. Avocado-related injuries are so frequent that they have a name: “avocado hand.” Fortunately, this tool makes it safe to pit and slice avocados, allowing you to securely eat your toast without risking the safety of your fingertips.

Burger Press

unusual kitchen gadgets

A burger press is equipment for you if your objective is to create precisely rounded burgers or to experiment with various burger stuffings. These kitchen tools act as burger molds, allowing you to load ground beef with cheese, veggies, or other toppings without worrying about them leaking all over the plate.

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Cooking Mesh

unusual kitchen gadgets

A cooking mesh bag will help you cook more effectively while wasting less water. Heat some water on the stove, then quickly heat anything you like by switching objects in and out of the bag. For instance, you could boil some vegetables, remove them, add some eggs, and then cook chicken or fish after the eggs have been removed from the hard boil. The convenient bag makes it possible to reuse the same water and the same pot, saving both time and water during the washing process.


unusual kitchen gadgets

This tool’s functionality may not sound enticing, but its name certainly does. The chork has chopsticks on one end and a fork on the other, similar to how a spork has both a spoon and a knife. It’s ideal for novice chopstick users who want to practice their techniques but may occasionally still require assistance from their fork.

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Draining Sieve Pot Attachment

unusual kitchen gadgets

Sick of your colander taking up valuable real estate in your kitchen cabinets (or maybe you’ve never had room for a colander in the first place)? Either way, a draining sieve pot attachment is the way to go. Donate your full-size colander and opt for this handy gadget instead. Attach it to the side of a pot to quickly drain veggies, pasta, or anything else you’ve been boiling.

Garlic Chopper

unusual kitchen gadgets

Garlic can be quickly and swiftly sliced at home, so there’s no need to spend extra money on it. The GarlicZoom Garlic Chopper significantly streamlines the procedure. Place some garlic in the holder, then move the device’s wheels over a stable surface (such as a table or countertop). And then, in a flash, fresh garlic was cut.

Heating Knife

unusual kitchen gadgets

You’re having dreams of freshly baked muffins or toast with a pat of butter melting on top. But when you try to put cold butter over your baked product and find that it’s lumpier than buttery smooth, your fantasies might come to a screaming halt. You can avoid this disastrous predicament with a heating knife, which warms up and melts butter (or cream cheese or peanut butter) as you spread it in just two minutes.

Herb Scissors

unusual kitchen gadgets

Not your typical kitchen shears, these. Instead, you can easily snip, mince, or dice herbs with the help of these multi-layered herb scissors. Compared to a conventional kitchen knife, this saves time and produces cleaner, more even slices. Additionally, it aids in keeping the herbs from being crushed, preserving more of their flavor and texture.

Hot Dog Slicer

unusual kitchen gadgets

With that said, there’s no reason a childless adult who likes her hot dogs prepared cutely shouldn’t find this gadget most tempting. Without blades, this charming dachshund-shaped utensil slices hot dogs into ideal bite-sized parts. A tiny condiment bowl is also included for dipping your dog in.

Meat Shredders

unusual kitchen gadgets

Put on a set of (fake) bear claws to unleash your inner beast and shred meat for tacos, BBQ sandwiches, and other dishes. Shredding the core in this manner is surprisingly efficient. (After all, bear claws are intended for just that!) Even better, compared to using a fork and knife, this method of shredding meat can keep your hands cleaner and stop foodborne illness while handling meat.

Pancake Pen

unusual kitchen gadgets

Are you trying to win the title of best breakfast chef? Then spend your money on a pancake pen to up your pancake game to a new level. The tiny spout on these squeezable containers makes it simple to form letters, faces, and other creative designs out of pancake batter. Pans can be purchased from our store Flipkart. Pick from a variety of styles, including frying pans, nonstick frying pans, saucepans, grill pans, and more.

Rub-A-Way Bar

unusual kitchen gadgets

We are all aware of the flavor and nutritional benefits that onions, garlic, and other aromatic ingredients can bring to any dish. The only drawback is that they might leave scents on your hands that linger for hours after cooking is finished.

The Rub-A-Way Bar is for you if you’ve ever avoided doing any cooking at home because you didn’t want your hands to smell. After handling spicy meals, rub your hands over this stainless steel bar; the molecules in the steel will bind with the aromatic molecules on your fingers to remove the fragrance from your hands immediately.

Slip-On Bowl Spout

unusual kitchen gadgets

It’s much simpler to pour liquids and batters out of mixing basins. It is straightforward to move batters or other fluids from one bowl to another, baking tins, or anywhere else with the help of this slip-on device, which fits any bowl to give it a temporary spout.

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