“Unprofessional behaviour” hit Johnny Depp’s career, says his ex agent

Johnny Depp’s former agent on Thursday testified that the actor’s ‘star power dimmed’ as word spread about his unprofessional on-set behavior and drug use. During a taped deposition in the continuous Amber Heard versus Johnny Depp trial, she talked of how she assisted the actor with building a big career, just for him to throw it all away because of his drugs and alcohol abuse.

Ex-agent, Tracey Jacobs of United Talent Agency (UTA), said that Johnny’s star power declined over the course of the years because of his way of behaving. As indicated by Variety, in her statement, she also recounted that at one point the actor said he wanted money and asked his agency to give him $20 million. She said that the actor had a meeting with UTA CEO Jeremy Zimmer and Chairman Jim Berkus, in which they declined to do that. “They said we’re not in a position to give our clients that kind of money… We’re not a bank,” she said.

In her video deposition, Tracey shared that throughout the last 10 years of her representation of him, Johnny would habitually show up late to set, thereby building a reputation that made it harder to get jobs for him. She said that although initially crews loved him, as he was perfect with them, however, they didn’t appreciate “sitting around for hours and hours and hours waiting for the star to show up.” According to her, Johnny was “showing up late to set consistently on virtually every movie.”

In addition, she said an increased use of liquor and medications made it more challenging for Johnny to get hired.  “His star had dimmed due to it getting harder to get him jobs… People were talking. The question was out there about his behaviour,” she said.

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