Why are Ultra Wormholes Appearing In Pokémon Go?

Niantic frequently uses Pokémon Go Fest to debut new gameplay elements or unique Pokémon that demand a spectacle upon their first appearance. The emergence of Ultra Wormholes is directly related to this. Players will start seeing some visitors from Ultra Space on June 5 with day two of Go Fest 2022, much like how Hoopa was connected to the arrival of enigmatic rings in the overworld during Go Fest 2021.

Ultra Space, a universe that is very different from our own and is home to many enigmatic creatures, including Ultra Beasts, can be accessed through Ultra Wormholes. These Ultra Wormholes are allowing these animals to enter our planet, but players are cautioned to approach them carefully as they can be highly hazardous.

When Ultra Wormholes first occur, Nihilego, the Parasite Pokémon, is merely entering Pokémon Go for the first time. The first Ultra Beast can be captured in this one. On June 5 from 10 am to 6 pm, it will emerge in five-star raids before reappearing later.

The Go Ultra Recon Squad, who will facilitate new Special Research on day two of Go Fest 2022 in Professor Willow’s unexpected absence, will also be revealed to players. Global Challenges, which reward players for taking on Nihilego in five-star raids, will also be accessible at this time.

Players with tickets will get access to the second set of Special Research that will have them collaborating closely with the Go Ultra Recon Squad to conduct some research pertaining to the Ultra Wormholes.

Players have the opportunity to capture a variety of uncommon Pokémon that are challenging to find outside of events like Pokémon Go Fest 2022. Players can also obtain a number of rewards from it, as well as various in-game things that they can either get for free or buy from the in-game shop. Here are all the avatar accessories that are unique to Pokémon Go Fest 2022 for gamers wishing to update the look of their virtual selves.

All Of The Unique Avatar Goods For Pokémon Go Fest 2022

The Land Form Shaymin T-Shirt, which can be obtained regardless of whatever path you chose after the second Special Research, is the first item that players are likely to encounter. Players can equip and display their Gracidea Bouquet Pose to other players after completing the Special Research. Only those with event tickets and who fully finished the Special Research are eligible to get the Lande Form Shaymin T-Shirt and the Gracidea Bouquet Pose.

The Gracidea Bouquet Pose can be found in Poses, while the Land Forme Shaymin T-Shirt can be found under the “tops” category for finding and equipping. They may be hidden among the other alternatives, but once you finish the Special Research, they become available.

Game Play

Additionally, players can acquire exclusive stickers by finishing several branches of the Special Research as well as by accepting gifts from other players. Along with the Land Forme Shaymin T-Shirt and the Gracidea Bouquet Pose, there were additional clothing items added to the event that players could purchase from the store or just obtain by taking part in it. The Go Fest 2022 T-Shirt can be found in the highlighted area under the style and is free just for logging in during the event.

The style screen’s section under featured contains two additional items. For 200 coins, you may get a sweet Shaymin hat from the in-game store. Likewise, you can spend 50 coins to get a Gracidea Face Sticker.

Click on your player profile to access these goods, then look for the “style” sign with the hanger on it. From there, select “featured” to see all of the things for sale as well as the free shirt you received for attending the event.

For players to stay outside and play for extended periods of time, Pokémon Go Fest and other major events in the game frequently offer a lot of bonuses. A key draw for many gamers in the community is the increased likelihood of coming across Shiny Pokémon, which is typically included in this.

Shiny searching is not an exact science in any Pokémon game, and these probabilities are never given. However, gamers have complained about a dearth of Shiny encounters throughout Go Fest 2022, whereas in prior years they would have probably encountered several within an hour.

Players have mentioned hours-long stretches in which they haven’t encountered a Shiny in several posts on Twitter, Reddit, and community forums. This includes several gamers who played the entire first day of Go Fest from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. local time and reported only seeing one Shiny Pokémon.

One Danish player reported that despite playing for the full eight hours and using incense to increase encounters, they only managed to find one Shiny. For comparison, they claimed that using the same technique during Go Fest 2021, when a comparable boost was advertised, they managed to catch 24.

Similar claims have been made a lot, with many players saying this was the worst event they had ever participated in and some noting it was the first one they actively ceased participating in halfway through, in answers to official posts from the Pokémon Go Twitter or in community hubs. These remarks are only made worse by the fact that the majority of those gamers paid $14.99 for a ticket to the event.

Shinies aren’t the only thing that people are unhappy with; other issues concerning overworld encounters have also been reported. Even Niantic’s admission that Pokémon drawn to Incense and Lures during the event are glitching hasn’t calmed enthusiasts who are already experiencing issues.

Why do Pokémon Go’s Ultra wormholes exist?

They were basically taken from other universes to be employed for their power, according to the myth. It was the first time that Pokemon had actually taken this path. Originally, the wormholes needed to release these animals could only be opened by Solgaleo and Lunala.

The location of Pokemon Go Fest.

Trainers from all over the world have participated in four Pokémon GO Fest events this year, starting with the massive event that changed everything.

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