What Is Tylee Ryan Cause Of Death And Who Murdered Tylee And JJ?

Tylee Ryan Cause Of Death: In June 2020, shallow graves containing the corpses of 16-year-old Tylee Ryan and her 7-year-old adopted brother JJ Vallow were discovered. Since the fall of 2019, no one had seen the kids alive. East Idaho News described the terrifying circumstances Tylee and JJ were found.

Tylee’s body had been torn up and burned, while JJ was restrained by duct tape and plastic wrap. According to People magazine, duct tape was used to wrap a plastic bag around JJ’s head. JJ might have perished from suffocation. Morgan Loew, a CBS News analyst and investigative journalist believes JJ might have been alive when he was buried. Why do you tape someone’s mouth, feet, and hands shut? Loew asked.

You do that to stop them from talking or shouting. You can infer that JJ was still alive from how that body was discovered because you wouldn’t bother someone already dead with all that trouble. The reason death of Tylee was less apparent. It’s challenging to determine what happened to Tylee due to the state of her remains, according to Loew.

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Chuck Vallow Tried To Help Lori!

Lori and Charles Vallow wed in 2006, according to Idaho News. Tylee, a child from a previous marriage, was born to Lori. JJ, the grandson of Charles’ sister, would subsequently be adopted by Charles and Lori.
Fox10 reports that Charles divorced in 2010. Lori believed herself to be a supernatural entity chosen by God, so Charles was concerned about her mental health.

He claimed that Lori had threatened to kill him and that he was likewise afraid for his life. According to documents acquired by Fox10, Charles petitioned for Lori to remain at Community Bridges Healthcare so she could receive mental health treatment. Lori declined to receive care. On July 11, 2019, Charles was shot and killed by Lori’s brother, Alex Cox.

Initially, the Chandler, Arizona, police department declared the incident justified self-defense. According to CBS News, Lori told an administrator at JJ’s school that Charles had committed suicide, which was an apparent falsehood.

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Family Relocates From Lori To Idaho

Lori relocated to Rexburg, Idaho, with JJ, Tylee, her brother Cox, and her niece Melanie Boudreaux shortly after the passing of her estranged husband. Nearby was Chad Daybell’s home. After the fall of 2019, no one spotted Tylee or JJ still alive. According to Idaho News, Lori claimed she would homeschool JJ on September 23 when she took him out of school.

Tylee Ryan Cause Of Death

Currently, Lori and Chad are removing any barriers that stand in their way. Tammy Daybell, Chad’s wife, shared an unusual experience on Facebook on October 9, 2019. One night, as she was getting out of her car, a man in a ski mask fired a paintball pistol at her. Tammy stated in the post, “I have no idea what his motivation was.

She inexplicably passed away in her sleep ten days later. Lori and Chad wed a few weeks later. According to Idaho News, in the weeks following their nuptials, Lori circulated the rumor that Tylee had been deceased for years. At the same time, Chad insisted that Lori didn’t have any children under the age of eighteen.

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Tylee And JJ Are Discovered

The bones of JJ and Tylee were discovered on Chad’s farm on June 9, 2020. In May 2021, Chad and Lori were both accused of murder. November 2021 will mark the beginning of the trial.

April Raymond, an old acquaintance of Lori, has some ideas about what led to JJ and Tylee’s murder. According to her, CBS News said that Tylee might have been viewed as a liability. Keep in mind that while Tylee was present on the day Charles Vallow was killed. She initially accepted the self-defense explanation, but could she have altered her mind? Raymond questioned.

Then there is the additional motive of tragically misguided religious fanaticism. Lori informed Raymond that Tylee had become a zombie in the spring of 2019. According to Raymond, Tylee had an “evil spirit,” as reported by CBS News.

Police Became Aware Of JJ And Tylee’s Disappearance

After a while, JJ and Tylee’s extended Family developed doubts and asked for a welfare check on JJ. According to Idaho News, on November 27, 2019, Rexburg police visited the Daybell home. JJ, according to Lori and Chad, was staying in Arizona. Their account didn’t add up. To the point where Lori asked her friend Melanie Gibb to tell the cops she was with JJ, Gibb refused.

Later, the police were given the warrant to search the Daybell home, but when they showed up, Lori and Chad had left. On December 1, they took off without JJ or Tylee for Hawaii. Police identified Lori and Chad as people interested in the disappearance of JJ and Tylee on December 21.

Who Murdered Tylee And JJ?

The unfortunate involvement of JJ and Tylee’s mother, Lori Daybell, in the terrible crimes only serves to compound the tragedy of their murders. Things started to go wrong when Lori (then Lori Vallow) began reading Chad Daybell‘s works in 2017. Chad was an author and podcaster who practiced a particular kind of religion.

According to CBS News, Daybell warned his audience about the end of the world and asserted that he could speak with angels and recall past lives. His most unsettling conviction was that some individuals on Earth were merely zombies who had lost their souls. He killed their physical forms to free these lost souls and return them to heaven.

Although they were both married at the time of their meeting, Chad and Lori started dating in 2018. According to CBS News, Lori began to tell others that God had chosen her to carry out a task that involved purging the planet of demonic creatures. 2019 saw Lori wed Chad. The bodies of her children were discovered on his farm in 2020.

Final Lines

The bodies of 16-year-old Tylee Ryan and her 7-year-old adopted brother JJ Vallow were found in shallow graves in June 2020. No one had seen the children alive since the fall of 2019. East Idaho News detailed the frightening conditions Tylee and JJ were found in. Raymond stated, “In the end, Chad and Lori’s conviction in evil may be absolute. They erred, however. They are believed to have chosen darkness, according to the authorities. Similar to the kids who embraced the sun.

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