Top most disliked male characters in shounen anime

From the annoying (Boruto) to the absolutely evil (Mahito), shounen anime have lots of male characters who fans do not like and wish gone in one way, shape, or form. Here is the list of most disliked male characters in shounen anime.

Boruto Uzumaki (Early Boruto)

Naruto’s son got a lot of flack when Boruto premiered. It’s uncanny that the title character of a spinoff anime can accrue so much loathing throughout the opening chapters of the manga and anime. The reason why requires a fair bit of clarification. It’s mainly a contrast to his dad, Naruto. Knowing Naruto’s terrible childhood to Boruto’s better one, many fans totally detested Boruto’s seemingly spoiled genius nature and arrogant attitude toward ninjutsu, his dad, and the Hokage position.

Near (Death Note)

Close to acts a lot of like a duplicate of L for fans to root for. He’s more brilliant than Light, which fans truly don’t like as Light had outsmarted everyone in the series beforehand.

Spandam (One Piece)

However basically a comedic bad guy like Buggy the clown, this villain from the shounen anime One Piece gets his fair share of hostility due to harming Nico Robin in the wake of swearing that the Straw Hats would be safe at Enies Lobby. This act of sadism aside, Spandam also gets the hate for being a weak and selfish man.

Mahito (Jujutsu Kaisen)

He’s responsible for transfiguring and killing Junpei and Nobara in front of the main character Yuji to urge him into committing a mistake or at least into fear so he can kill him. Neither time truly pays off as he winds up beaten down during the Shibuya incident and ultimately absorbed by his would-be ally Pseudo-Geto.

Danzo Shimura (Naruto)

In short, Danzo orchestrated the Uchiha Clan Massacre by forcing Itachi into it, worked along with Orochimaru to butcher Leaf citizens, emotionally manipulated Kakashi toward keeping an eye on the Third Hokage, almost had Yamato killed, had Sharingan’s pulled from Uchiha corpses to enhance his own power, and sided with Nagato’s village leader to try to assassinate the original Akatsuki.