Top fan favorite characters of Breaking Bad, according to Reddit

Saul Goodman

There’s a reason S Saul Goodman received his own series. A deleted Reddit user writes, “I think Saul pretty much single-handedly carried the comic relief.” Breaking Bad could get pretty dour and violent, yet Saul was generally there to lighten up proceedings.

Mike Ehrmantraut

Mike is probably the best character introduced after Breaking Bad season 1, having not made his first appearance until late into the second season.

Jane Margolis

Jane played a significant part in season two, leading Jesse down a dark path and into debilitating heroin addiction. Her tragic death demonstrated one of the show’s saddest scenes and a significant turning point in the character development of Walter.

Walter White

Without a doubt, hardly any characters in TV history have been just about as complex as Walter White. He’s the ultimate anti-hero, a perfect on-screen example of the best and worst that humanity has to offer.

Jesse Pinkman

Jesse’s character development is a significant reason for Breaking Bad’s wild success, and in some, he had a more fascinating (and certainly more tragic) storyline than Walt.

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