Top Executives Are Leaving As Musk Takes Over, Including The CEO Of Twitter

Top Executives Are Leaving As Musk Takes Over, Including The CEO Of Twitter. According to those in the know, Twitter Inc. CEO Parag Agrawal plans to leave after Elon Musk completes his $44 billion purchase to acquire the social network.

Twitter’s general counsel Sean Edgett has been with the company since 2012, and the head of legal, policy, and trust, Vijaya Gadde, is also departing the company, according to sources familiar with the case who declined to be identified because the information is private.

A comment from Twitter was requested but not immediately provided. Agrawal stepped into the CEO job in November, after co-founder Jack Dorsey unexpectedly quit. Agrawal had been at Twitter for a decade, most recently as a chief technical officer, but his term as CEO was swiftly upset by Musk’s entry as a big shareholder and more vocal adversary of its present leadership.

After Musk showed in, it became evident that Agrawal was unlikely to keep his position. “I don’t have faith in management,” Musk declared in one early filing about the acquisition, and the two CEOs exchanged some public swipes. In May, Musk replied to a Twitter thread from Agrawal defending the company’s user numbers by sending back a feces emoji. You may also read Amidst Twitter deal

In an early stage of the acquisition process, after Musk asked his followers whether Twitter was “dying,” the two men had a contentious exchange, as revealed in text messages that surfaced throughout the case. Agrawal confronted him by text.

On April 9, he stated, “you are welcome to tweet ‘is Twitter dying?’ or anything else about Twitter, but I must warn you that it’s not helping me make Twitter better in the current context.”

Musk snapped back, “What did you get done this week?” And then: “I’m not joining the board this is a waste of time.” Musk made fun of Agrawal for taking a trip to Hawaii during contract discussions the next week in a series of messages to a buddy. “Shouldn’t he be in a war room right now?!?” investor Jason Calacanis messaged Musk.

Does it count if I make the occasional zoom call from the Four Seasons while sipping a delicious cocktail? Elon Musk answered. Efforts by former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to reconcile Musk, a longtime Dorsey friend, and Agrawal after the acquisition was revealed also ended poorly. “At least it became evident that you can’t work together,” Dorsey texted to Musk after the meeting.

“That was clarifying.” When Agrawal leaves, he won’t be taking anything with him. A document states that as part of the agreement, the CEO will have all of his unvested equity awards become fully vested. Research company Equilar projected that implies he’ll make an estimated $42 million, Reuters reported.

As Twitter’s head of legal and policy issues, Gadde has overseen the creation and enforcement of rules for hundreds of millions of internet users, including prominent ones that are subject to looser content limitations under the company’s exemptions for newsworthy posts or world leaders’ communications.

In owning Twitter, Musk has promised to make it into a less-restrictive platform for free speech, a move he has stated is “essential to a functioning democracy.” Gadde was faced with a surge of online abuse earlier this year after Musk publicly questioned content-related decisions at Twitter.

The business permanently blacklisted former US president Donald Trump in January 2021 following his supporters’ attack on the Capitol. After Musk purchases the social media platform, many users assumed that Musk will reinstate Trump’s account and that others who have been banned for posting illegal or otherwise inappropriate content.

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