Top best sequels released long after the original, according to IMDb

Here’s the list of the top best sequels released long after the original, according to IMDb

The Color Of Money – 7.0

The incredible thing about the movie is the fact that it can stand on its own, without viewers needing to watch the first one. It’s a young Tom Cruise acting across the legend Paul Newman. It goes about as a fascinating mirror to Top Gun: Maverick, as The Color of Money came out the same year the first Top Gun did.

Clerks II – 7.3

The spin-off, Clerks II, released in 2006 and was somewhat positively received, although presently it’s been mostly forgotten by the film going public. For a movie released 12 years after the original, and helmed by the same visionary behind the original, it’s a very decent result. Most certainly worth a watch for Kevin Smith fans.

Finding Dory – 7.3

As Finding Nemo comes from Pixar’s golden age, a spin-off of any sort was highly-anticipated, and 2016’s Finding Dory crossed a billion dollars thanks to that. The movie manages to find a heartfelt center with Dory’s memory loss and how it connects with her and her parents, which fits right at home with Finding Nemo‘s themes.

Incredibles 2 – 7.6

Incredibles 2 follows directly from the tease toward the end of the first movie and takes a Watchmen-like approach to questioning the role of the superhero in society. It’s most certainly probably Pixar’s best sequels and has the trademark all-ages appeal.

Blade Runner 2049 – 8.0

Coming 35 years after Blade Runner, the sequel Blade Runner 2049 was directed by the visionary director Denis Villeneuve, who proved his sci-fi chops with this and Arrival; no surprise he was granted the keys to Dune.

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