Tony Hale Wife: Know About His Award Winning Wife And Marital Status Revealed!

Tony Hale Wife: It wasn’t until his breakout roles in Arrested Development and Veep in the 2000s and 2010s that actor and comedian Tony Hale became a household name.

Although Hale’s acting career has been noteworthy, it’s perhaps more remarkable that he has managed to maintain a happy marriage with Emmy Award winner Martel Thompson for nearly two decades.


Who Is Martel Johnson?

Makeup artist Thompson, who was born in Alabama, likes to keep most of her personal life private. Even her Instagram is locked down tight. She’s hilarious, though; on her Instagram account, she calls herself a “trophy wife.” Even though Hale enjoys more name recognition, Thompson has been working in the entertainment industry for just as long.

In 1996, Hale’s wife got her start in the entertainment industry as a makeup artist when she joined the cast and crew of “Saturday Night Live.” Earning a Daytime Emmy for her work on “All My Children” in 2003 was a career high point for her.

Tony And Martel Met At Church

Although they share the same profession, Hale and Thompson first met at Hale’s bible study group for New York City artists, The Haven. They struck it off right away, and their shared belief in God has been a pillar of their relationship ever since. Hale proposed to his future wife a year after they first met, and he did it in a very unique, but ultimately “dark,” way.

On their first date, Hale and Thompson saw the play “Stones in His Pockets,” but Hale was so apprehensive that he didn’t pay close enough attention to the performance. After some time, Hale conceived a thoughtful strategy to ask for her hand in marriage. You may also read Zac Efron

Tony Hale Wife
Tony Hale Wife

With a wink to the play’s title, he proposed to Thompson in Ireland (the setting of the story) by hiding the ring in Thompson’s pocket. She accepted, and on May 24, 2003, the couple wed. It wasn’t until the early 2010s that Hale rewatched “Stones In His Pockets” and realized the show was about suicide and the title related to the method by which the protagonist died.

Martel And Tony Have A Daughter

After settling in Los Feliz for a while, Thompson and Hale uprooted to Studio City with their daughter Loy. This is the only kid the couple has ever had, and she was born on February 24, 2006.

Hale said that when Loy was 13 years old, she felt ashamed of him and his antics. She loved to perform, he said, so it wasn’t out of the question that she might go into show business.

The Secret To Martel Johnson And  Tony Hale’s Long Marriage

Hale, who called Thompson his “lifeline,” admitted that the couple’s secret to staying married for nearly 20 years was simply being there for each other and sharing in life’s adventures. To make matters worse, Hale joked that Thompson did not care for him because she had previously warned him that he should not expect her to see all of his films. The romance between Tony Hale and Martel Thompson is certainly one of a kind, jokes aside. Fantastic job.

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