Tom Verlaine Cause Of Death: Is He Total Guitar Icon And A Real OG Of The Scene!

Tom Verlaine is best known for his groundbreaking work as the lead vocalist and guitarist of the influential New York punk band Television. He has also carved out a lauded and diverse solo career. Verlaine, who took his name from the French symbolist artist, was born Thomas Miller in Wilmington, Delaware, in 1949. He was trained as a classical pianist but became interested in rock music after hearing the Rolling Stones’ “19th Nervous Breakdown.”

He relocated to New York’s Lower East Side in 1968 with bassist Richard Meyers (later Richard Hell), where they together with drummer Billy Ficca created the band the Neon Boys. The group changed its name to Television after Richard Lloyd joined as a second guitarist.

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Tom Verlaine Cause Of Death

Tom Verlaine passed away on Saturday in Manhattan. His band Television was one of the most significant to come out of the CBGB-centered New York punk rock movement, yet their experimental guitar improvisations and poetry songwriting were never readily categorized as punk or any other genre. He was 73. He passed away “after a brief illness,” according to Jesse Paris Smith, the daughter of Mr. Verlaine’s longtime flame (and infrequent musical partner) Patti Smith.

Tom Verlaine Cause Of Death
Tom Verlaine Cause Of Death

Despite the fact that Television only had little economic success and disbanded after releasing two albums, Mr. Verlaine had a lasting impact, particularly on his fellow guitarists. (He served as the lead singer, principal songwriter, and co-producer for Television.)

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Remembering Tom Verlaine: A Total Guitar Icon! A Real OG Of The Scene, Always Inspiring Me To Shred

Remembering Tom Verlaine: A Total Guitar Icon! A Real OG Of The Scene, Always Inspiring Me To Shred
Remembering Tom Verlaine: A Total Guitar Icon! A Real OG Of The Scene, Always Inspiring Me To Shred

Numerous musicians whose own works have pushed the frontiers of rock have written eulogies in response to the passing of Tom Verlaine on January 28 at the age of 73. Verlaine was a key figure in the New York punk scene that grew at CBGB and served as the frontman, guitarist, and primary songwriter for Television, yet he never fit cleanly into any one genre. In creating Television’s three albums and his solo work, he drew inspiration equally from rock, punk, poetry, and avant-garde jazz. As a result, he created a distinctive sound that had an impact on artists like Patti Smith, David Bowie, Sonic Youth, R.E.M., and countless others.

Nels Cline, a guitarist, ranks very high on the list. The Los Angeles native has embraced a daring individuality and a wide range of influences that point to Verlaine as a forebear in Wilco and as a solo artist. Cline talked about Verlaine’s relevance on a call with TIDAL while recently visiting New York City. When we consider so-called guitar idols, Cline remarked, “we typically conceive of them as being highly demonstrative. Tom Verlaine, though, is unquestionably one of my guitar heroes. This exchange was condensed for brevity and clarity.


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