Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Ep1: What Happened In Season 1?

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Ep1: The Christmas Showdown arc is introduced in Tokyo Revengers season 2 episode 1 with a new Opening tune. Due to the episode’s frigid beginning, the closing theme was not performed. This episode picks off where season 1 left off, with Takemichi being saved by Kazutora before running into Naoto and going back in time.

Immediately upon its publication, the first episode of season 2 of Tokyo Revengers received criticism for its animation and visual presentation. After the manga’s conclusion, fans excitedly anticipated the return of the anime, however, the majority of them were let down by the animation. However, everyone has praised voice acting, music, and narrative.

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Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Ep1

Kisaki accused Takemichi of betraying Toman at the start of the episode. He bid goodbye to him while crying, regretting how the latter had let him down. However, someone turned off the electricity and saved Takemichi. When he got there, Kazutora was standing close by with long hair, and his damaged leg was wrapped. He assaulted Takemichi and told him that a few days before, he had seen Toman members intimidating a lady on the streets.

He told Takemichi that Toman went in the wrong way after Mikey vanished and Draken was imprisoned. Chifuyu picked Kazutora up when he was released from jail, giving him an update on Toman’s situation and expressing his commitment to combat corruption. Mikey and Toman were corrupted by the money from the previous Black Dragons, and Kazutora was seeking to sever that supply line. Kisaki was meant to be under Chifuyu’s care, but he became entangled in his efforts to rescue Takemichi.

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Kazunori sobbed revealing that his main concern was with saving Chifuyu and that he didn’t care for Nakamichi. He also told Takemichi about a young investigator who contacted Chifuyu about collaborating. Nakamichi discovers that Kisaki issued the order to assassinate Hina, but Takemichi was not there since he was a Toman executive in this universe.

He was there at the meeting Kisaki was now using as his excuse. Mikey had allegedly gone evil and was killing his former toman allies one by one, according to Kazutora. Recently, he caused Mitsuya to vanish. They also discovered that Pah-chin and Peh-Yan had been killed.

Season 1 Ending

Season 1 Ending
Season 1 Ending

In the first season of Tokyo Revengers, Takemichi was able to rescue Draken but not Baji. After the Valhalla arc, he traveled back in time and joined Toman as an executive. Seishu Inui, Hajime Kokonoi, and Hakkai Shiba, ex-members of the Black Dragon, were introduced to him during a gathering. Everyone was told by Kisaki that Chifuyu was the traitor hiding among them. After shooting Chifuyu, Kisaki threatened Takemichi with a pistol on Netflix.

Episode 1 Of Season 2 Of Tokyo Revengers: What Really Happened To Hinata?

This detective was Naoto, who Kazutora had given Takemichi. Naoto, however, chose to have him arrested. Naoto played Takemichi a recording that Chifuyu had made in which Takemichi had unintentionally directed Atsushi to murder Hinata. To protect Takemichi, Chifuyu kept it a secret from everyone, even Naoto, until his death.

After discovering the truth, Takemichi was demoralized and persuaded Naoto to give up on attempting to alter the past. No matter how the future ended, Naoto emphasized to him how much he had altered the timelines and had rescued both Draken and Kazutora. Naoto asked Takemichi to go back in time since they could no longer readily meet after the police took him to a prison facility.

Episode 1 Of Season 2 Of Tokyo Revengers: What Really Happened To Hinata?
Episode 1 Of Season 2 Of Tokyo Revengers: What Really Happened To Hinata?

Nakamichi shook his hand and recalled the day that he went bowling with Hinata 12 years before after being inspired by his comments. It was his third straight clean strike, which he made. He and the guy in the alley next to him both received strikes on their subsequent turns, and they gripped each other. The watchers identified the youngster as Hakkai Shiba, who had a damaged lip and a shaved head.

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In Conclusion

In the first episode of season 2 of Tokyo Revengers, Naoto surmises that Takemichi and Hinata must be connected in some way for Kisaki to have outwitted them in every possible future. Kisaki also refers to Takemichi as “my hero” before shooting him, and he displays genuine sadness at the thought of his failure to live up to that label. This demonstrates Kisaki’s admiration and hatred of Takemichi, a complicated emotional vortex that may be the cause of his animosity against the two former lovers.

In Conclusion
In Conclusion

The Black Dragons are also introduced in Tokyo Revengers season 2 episode 1, with Hakkai, in particular, making a big entrance. According to Season 1, Hakkai murdered the prior Black Dragon president in order to become the gang’s 11th-generation president. Takemichi’s main objectives will be to comprehend Hakkai and halt this death. The subsequent episode will feature the other Shiba sibling.

The Christmas Showdown arc is mostly focused on Mitsuya and the Shiba siblings, but Chifuyu and his growing friendship with Takemichi are the true stars of this story. This is made evident by the Tokyo Revengers season 2 opening tune, combined with the fact that Baji’s passing continues to serve as everyone’s primary source of inspiration. It’s unclear whether this arc will lessen Takemichi’s remorse about his passing, but he appears to be carrying it. Explore our website Talkxbox for some additional information.

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