Today In Destiny: Here Are 7 Things You Need To Do Right Away!

Today In Destiny: Returning to a game like Destiny 2 can be a little intimidating if you’ve been away for a while. Even if you’ve only been away for a few weeks, it might be challenging to jump back in! In a shared-world shooter like this, a lot may change in a brief period, and if you return wandering around blind, it’s simple to get lost in a sea of icons, quests, and new gear.

But don’t worry; everything will be taken care of. We have you covered whether you want to level up quickly, arm yourself with some swanky new Destiny 2 Witch Queen exotics, or want to improve your reputation in the Throne World.

However, you can also seek a more general guide, a simple, straightforward “way in” to Witch Queen that outlines all you must do (and the order you need to do it). To that end, watch the video above and follow the straightforward instructions below to get the most out of Bungie’s most recent and conceivably most significant expansion.

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Do the Legendary Campaign

Today In Destiny

The new Campaign has two levels: standard and legendary. Your Power Level will reach 1500 after completing the standard one quickly, but completing the Legendary one will increase it to 1520 and reward you with extra Exotics for your Class (as well as other priceless Upgrade materials) all at once. Even though it presents an additional obstacle, once you’ve completed it, you can do it again, and the benefits are unquestionably worthwhile.

Use The Glaive!

The Glaive, a hybrid ranged, and melee weapon that is destructive in both PvP and PvE is the newest in Destiny 2. You acquire it during the Campaign, and at the right time, it enables you to deflect incoming damage. You might never handle a sword again if you unlock it early and utilize it wisely.

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Today In Destiny

Get The New Exotics

Without a tonne more Exotics to unlock, it wouldn’t be a new Destiny expansion, would it? There are many things to do in Witch Queen regarding finding rare weapons and gear, and that should be one of your primary objectives once the Campaign is finished. These include shooting grubs from a gun, searching for Hunter Exotic that grants you a bubble of immunity, or simply wanting to unlock the ridiculous Sweet Business.

Today In Destiny

Grab The Grand Overture Catalyst Quest

When you enter the new expansion, you can immediately unlock the Grand Overture, a slug-firing machine gun, if you have the Season Pass. To start the Catalyst quest and begin powering up this stunning new weapon, go directly to Banshee-44 and speak with the weapon seller. If you’re entering the Legendary Campaign, you’ll probably want it to operate at its best.

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Today In Destiny

Visit The Enclave, Craft Your Guns

Weapon customization is one of the most significant new features in Witch Queen. It may seem hard at first, but experimenting with different perks to add to your weapons will ease the pain of min/maxing your build in the future.

Therefore, when you level up your guns, you have more significant influence over how they handle and can customize them to fit your build. As you progress, you’ll be able to access more crafting possibilities, so be sure to update your materials!

Today In Destiny

Level Up Your Guns

You can level up your attunement through firearms, which will enable you to perform more intriguing actions with them. As a result, if you have any excellent Legendary (purple) level gear in your inventory, rotate it frequently so you can bring it to the Enclave and construct it when it has reached the necessary level.

Even less-than-perfect gun drops are worthwhile to unleash their benefits and shunt them into other guns. Cheers to Bungie for making progress in whatever you do! You have a variety of choices on Flipkart, from constructing your own gaming machine to purchasing consoles like the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, as well as pre-orders. The game can now begin!

Today In Destiny

Run The PsiOps: Battlegrounds

These brand-new seasonal activities are fantastic fun and come with some excellent benefits. The idea behind them—infiltrating a Hive boss’ head and destroying a Savathun component hidden there—is some very intriguing information that delves far into Destiny mythology.

Come for the unique setup, and stay for the fantastic finds! What is there to dislike? Visit this if you’re interested in learning more about other games like PS4 and PS5.


Today In Destiny

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