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Thymesia Release Date Status: Platforms, Gameplay, PC Specs!

Thymesia Release Date: Platforms, Gameplay, PC Specs!

When will Thymesia be available, what platforms will it be on, how does it play, and what are the system requirements for PC?

In this article, we will discuss Kelsey Knowles. Here you’ll find information about the release date, platform, PC requirements, and more for Thymesia, the next Souls-like game developed by Overborder Studios and Team17.

Originally released on August 16, 2022, On August 18, 2022, Overborder Studio and Team17 will release Thymesia, a Souls-like video game. Taking place in the Kingdom of Hermes after the world has ended, this role-playing game tells the tale of Corvus, the kingdom’s final ray of hope.

Corvus must travel through the afflicted globe in pursuit of his dispersed memories, and he will encounter many monsters who have succumbed to the disease. Thymesias’ release date, supported platforms, gameplay, features, and PC system requirements are all detailed here.

Release Window and Supported Devices for Thymesia The worldwide launch of Thymesia is set for August 18th, 2022, on Steam. The PlayStation 5, Xbox One (both X and S generations), and PC will all be able to play the game at launch.

What are Thymesia’s system requirements, when will it be available, and what kind of gameplay can we expect?

Here are the barebones and recommended specs for running Thymesia on your PC. (Image credit: Team17)Corvus is the protagonist of the story, and he represents the final chance for the Kingdom of Hermes. This once-prosperous nation has now collapsed due to the widespread availability of alchemy, which the king had encouraged and tolerated.

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Alchemy’s high cost made it impossible to put a stop to the practice no matter how hard people tried. Corvus must find Hermes by piecing together his memories, which are strewn over a world ravaged by a pandemic. But the farther he explores his forgotten past, the more mysteries he unearths. This fast-paced, hard-hitting game is reminiscent of smash-hits like Bloodborne.

Warning: This game contains intense violence and bloodshed and is intended for an adult audience. The features of the game, as described on the Steam page, are listed below. Prepare for the upcoming challenges in your own unique fashion by upgrading and customizing Corvus’ base movements and plague weaponry.

Monsters that have been warped and mutated by the virus are unforgiving adversaries that will test your skills at every turn. Reconstruct Corvus’ past by delving into his shattered recollections and piecing together the pieces.

Use the plague to your advantage by capturing and utilizing plague weapons dropped by particularly horrific bosses or very tough adversaries. The only way to avoid being devoured by the unseen creatures that lurk beneath the surface of the formerly prosperous country is to give your foes what they deserve.

Adopt the persona of the raven for use in combat, where you can execute your foes with the swiftness of a raptor and fling feathers like daggers to distract them.

What are Thymesia’s system requirements, when will it be available, and what kind of gameplay can we expect?

Here are the barebones and recommended specs for running Thymesia on your PC. (Image credit: Team17)You can play Thymesia without a supercomputer, but you will need a 64-bit computer and operating system.

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