Throwback to Disney Pixar’s Brave-The Video Game!

That Disney and Pixar’s Brave film was released more than a decade ago is hard to believe. It seems like yesterday that I brought my then-young kid to watch this movie and had to leave nearly as soon as it started because he freaked out when the mother transformed into a bear – sorry, spoiler warning! However, Brave – The Video Game quickly followed, and although it may not have been the apex of such games, it definitely offered a few hours of entertainment. As a tribute to Brave – The Video Game’s 10th anniversary, I’ve chosen to write a blog post on it. In the meanwhile, join me on a journey back in time to see Brave’s action and tale.

Throwback to Disney Pixar's Brave-The Video

To some extent, the film’s action is mirrored in this narrative. She is a typical wild young woman, more at home shooting her bow and getting into scrapes than becoming the young lady her mother wants her to become. As an aside, Merida also makes bicycles, which amused me the first time I played this game since I had just purchased one via the Cycle to Work programme, but I digress. For those of you who haven’t watched the film, events take place and Merida’s mother transforms into a bear. When this occurs, Merida comes to the conclusion that her mother wasn’t all that horrible after all, and the stage is set for an exciting journey as she attempts to transform her back into a human.

To a certain degree, the game mimics the film, but then diverges when it is essential for gameplay objectives. After Elinor (Merida’s mother) fled from the castle and became a bear, Brave begins. Merida pursues the bear into the forest and comes upon a circle of standing stones, where she meets a witch who asks her for help in getting her mother back to her home in the kingdom. Cursed bear Mor’du has been corrupting many way stones with his evil energy, which has resulted in the appearance of hostile animals in the vicinity. Who better to deal with the animals and cleanse the way stones than a young girl who suddenly finds herself at a loss?

Fortunately, we won’t have to do it there alone, and Merida will not only meet her mother as a bear, who we may control in arena combat but also her identical triplet brothers. Harris, Hubert, and Hamish are the names of the three younger brothers who have been transformed into bears and need to be rehabilitated. Like bears, the brothers have a valuable capacity to assist Merida to solve riddles, generally by putting themselves in certain locations to open doors and such. In this manner, the entire family may participate in the voyage.

The gameplay now focuses on exploration, solving riddles with the brothers, and ultimately a lot of battle. The fact that Merida’s primary assault method is archery should come as no surprise to anybody who knows Merida well at all. But she’s not the only one; as it turns out, she’s also very skilled with a sword and magic. Merida may collect and utilise several charms to add elemental effects to her strikes as she explores different regions of the centre level, dubbed “The Ring of Stones.” These charms, which come in the typical four flavours – fire, earth, air, and ice – may be very helpful after an enemy’s elemental weakness has been found, since these assaults will clearly cause more damage. It’s not quite on par with Elden Ring’s fighting but it’s still an excellent test for newer players.

Exploring the different levels is also rewarded with things to discover and offers a fascinating distraction. For me, the nicest part of Brave was how simple it was to accomplish all of the milestones, adding it to the (admittedly modest) list of games that I have played to 100%….. Most of the time, after I complete a game, the creators release DLC. Fortunately, this did not happen with The Witcher 3.

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While Brave – The Video Game was released as part of the Xbox Games with Gold programme in March 2018, when we advised you to save your bandwidth, it is also part of the Backwards Compatibility programme, meaning that you can play it right now on your shiny Xbox Series X|S consoles, and I for one think you should. Courageous – The Video Game isn’t difficult, and it isn’t visually stunning, but it is a pleasant game with some playability built-in. Not too lengthy, but not too difficult; a Goldilocks game; just perfect. Here’s The official gameplay of the game:-

The question is, did you play this hidden treasure back in the day and if so, what did you think of it? No, but if my rose-tinted glasses persuade you to give it a try, so be it. Please share your thoughts in the comments section below! Brave is now available for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S through the Xbox Store.

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