The Rumoured Affair of Prince William has Returned to the Top of Twitter News following a’Salacious’ Anonymous Report

On Thursday, a Deuxmoi article reignited speculation about Prince William’s rumored extramarital relationship. Keep in mind that Instagram stories are untrue, so you should take what you’re about to read with a grain of salt. The “salacious” story of a “British royal’s extramarital affair” told by Deuxmoi is an “open secret in London and among the English aristo set,” according to the unidentified author.

Royals’ passion of pegging is said to have been the underlying cause of their affair, according to a source who spoke to me at a recent media event. (To learn more about pegging, go HERE.) That’s not all: They add that “the wife doesn’t mind her [the affair partner] and in fact prefers her husband getting his sexual needs fulfilled elsewhere, as long as they don’t become emotional, which was the situation with the last woman.

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” Among royal watchers everywhere, that tidbit seems to resonate with those concerned about the supposed marital difficulties of the Cambridges following William’s rumored affair with Rose Hanbury. As a result, the hashtags “#PrinceWilliamAffair” and “#PrinceofPegging” were trending around the world all day long.

The rumoured affair of Prince William has returned to the top of Twitter news following a'salacious' anonymous report
The rumoured affair of Prince William has returned to the top of Twitter news following a’salacious’ anonymous report

Fans of Team Cambridge and Team Sussex were able to voice their opinions on the narrative, which was a little alarming. “I don’t care if Prince William indulges in extramarital affairs. Even if he enjoys the occasional peg, it’s not a problem for me. My concern is that he and his wife were using Meghan as a diversion from the conversation about their personal life.

Some fans of the Cambridges believe this is all a ruse to deflect attention away from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle scandal, and they add, “#princewilliamaffair & Pegging Trending”. For the last few days, there has been a concerted effort to tarnish Prince William’s good name by spreading rumors that he used taxpayer money to fund his courtship of Kate Middleton.

I’ve heard that William is a cool guy, and many people admire Kate. #PrinceWilliamIsAKing.” Though Richard Jeter’s humorous remark that “The Windsors’ next season is going to be lit” and “The Crown’s going to have to clock in an NC-17 series” won the Twitter battle, it is possible that he has won the war.

Whether or not we ever know the truth about Prince William’s alleged extracurricular activities, it’s proving that the royal family may not have as much protection as they think when it comes to rumors—the UK media might look the other way for certain royals, but social media is changing the PR game for everyone.

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