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The Right Stuff Dating App: Right Stuff Dating App Asks About January 6th

The Right Stuff Dating App: The freshly released and self-branded “conservative dating app,” The Right Stuff, has received its first reviews since its release. And it doesn’t appear that things will turn out well for the company sponsored by Peter Thiel. Nearly 60 of the 197 reviews placed thus far in the iOS store have given the app a rating of only one star.

Complaints That Reviewers Frequently Voice Include The Following:

(1) that there are not enough women on the app

(2) that the invite-only structure makes it impossible to join

(3) responding to a profile question concerning January 6 resulted in communication with law authorities.

“App inquires about January 6… I stated that I was present because I am a patriotic individual… “I got a call from an FBI agent the SAME DAY????,” reads one review written by a user who goes by the handle “Big Chungus.” Another user claims that after making a profile on Right Stuff, law enforcement authorities came up at their house and accused them of being “engaged in domestic terrorism.”

A user’s assertion that “all the women on here have been replaced with doughy middle-aged white guys” is an example of a relatively moderate complaint. A problem that the corporation seemed to try to get ahead of in its advertising by promoting a “group of conservative young ladies” that was 100% authentic.

Many of these app store evaluations are the work of trolls, and there is no evidence to suggest that the FBI or any other law enforcement agency has contacted users of Right Stuff. In addition, many of the criticisms that have been leveled regarding the purported absence of women have been couched in homophobic terms.

The fact is, though, that the app does invite users to react to an open-ended prompt concerning January 6 — you know, to spice things up a bit on the profile.

And it’s not hard to picture folks who were there on the day of the disturbance at the Capitol typing information that would incriminate themselves into that empty white box. Users are prompted to respond to this question when creating an account on The Right Stuff. Seems legit. What could go wrong here?

In the days leading up to the attack on the United States Capitol on January 6, the prominent right-wing social media platform Parler did provide the FBI with proof and user information; however, the FBI did not appear to heed those warnings. Therefore, there is a model to follow for actions of this nature.

But the FBI’s National Press Office sent an email to Gizmodo saying, “We have no comment to provide in response to your query” in response to the publication’s concerns concerning the app and the reviews posted on it.

The agency also led Gizmodo to the website of the District Attorney’s office in the District of Columbia. On that website is a page that documents the continuing investigation and arrests that have been made about the uprising that occurred on January 6, 2021.

In an email sent to Gizmodo, a spokeswoman for Right Stuff stated, “The accusations that the FBI contacted users or that we transmitted information to law authorities are incorrect.” When the developer of the app was asked why it specifically pushes users to discuss January 6, the firm responded with the following statement: “

Our prompts are utilized as entertaining conversation openers where users may share their personalities through their ideas.” In conclusion, a spokesman for Right Stuff informed Gizmodo that the app is available by invitation only to maintain a high-quality community of conservative users. This response was given in response to some of the most prevalent complaints that appear to be sincere.

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