The Dragon Prince Season 4: Review The Trouble With Peace

The Dragon Prince Season 4: Season 3 of The Dragon Prince premiered on Netflix about three years ago. The time jump from then to now, during which a global pandemic threw our planet into its own weird turmoil and left many of us reeling, is slightly longer than the one in the made-up world of Xadia.

Many of the show’s younger characters have matured in the two years between seasons three and four, which is unusual for animated TV series (I’m looking at you, Bart Simpson). After more than two years in power, King Ezran (Sasha Rojen) is feeling more at ease with his position. He has more height and languidness.

The young lad is still around, but he has in his early teenage years. There’s also been a noticeable shift in his hairstyle. Amaya’s (Juliette Binoche) appearance has also changed, as has Callum’s (Jack De Sana) and many other characters. Having defeated Viren (Jason Simpson), who “died” at the end of Season 3, Callum is now in charge of all mages.

The once-young mage has matured into a young man, yet he is just as clumsy and pleasant as ever. He feels an overwhelming sense of loss and melancholy. Callum has been grieving for two years, ever since Rayla (Paula Burrows) disappeared on an unanswered mission.

Rayla is hostile and argumentative upon his return. It’s unclear where the elf’s and human’s budding romance will go from here. The future of the tentative truce between humans and their adjacent elf and dragon communities is even hazier.

The Dragon Prince Season 4
The Dragon Prince Season 4


The Dragon Prince Season 4 Release Date

If it wasn’t obvious before, Season 4 of Dragon Prince will premiere on Netflix on November 3, 2022. This is notably different from the service’s usual pattern of releasing new content on Fridays. To be honest, we have no idea why that is the case, but we certainly aren’t going to grumble about getting the latest episodes a day early. You may also read Selena Gomez’s Documentary Release Date

The Dragon Prince Season 4 Release Time

There are constants in life. Season 4 of Dragon Prince will premiere on Netflix at 3 a.m. Eastern (midnight Pacific). However, you don’t have to wait till then to begin viewing.

The Dragon Prince Season 4 Trailer

Many, that’s for sure. To sample Season 4 without committing to the first full episode, you can begin with this preview instead:

A Brief Dragon Prince Primer

Here’s a quick rundown for those unfamiliar with The Dragon Prince. If you are already familiar with this material, you can skip ahead. Wonderstorm, led by Aaron Ehasz (previously a head writer on Avatar: The Last Airbender) and Justin Richmond (game director of Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception), is responsible for the fantasy series The Dragon Prince.

They have been expanding the mystical setting of Xadia into a TV series, comic books, an unnamed video game, and some tabletop games with the help of a team of writers, animators, and game designers. Elves, dragons, and all kinds of fantastical beasts inhabit this otherworldly realm.

This is a world torn apart by centuries-old hostilities between the western realm of humans and the eastern realm of elves and dragons. Watch the first three seasons (before Season 4) to get the full story of what happens to two human boys, a young Moonshadow Elf assassin, and the dragon egg in their care.

Like Avatar and Legend of Korra, this program is excellent for kids and adults alike, which is why I enjoy it so much. There is a lot of lightheartedness and humor, but also serious issues, political maneuvering, and even a little bit of sorrow and bloodshed.

Many of the ‘villains’ in The Dragon Prince are more ethically ambiguous and complex than you’d anticipate, much like the best characters in Avatar and Korra. The Dragon Prince is perfect for both younger and older viewers who appreciate fantasy stories about dragons, wizards, and magical creatures with complex characters who you want to root for even when they’re doing awful things.

(Both longtime viewers and those who are just now getting into the series should read the two graphic novels Wonderstorm has released; they contain crucial backstories for some of the show’s main characters and will help bridge the gap between seasons. (Both Through the Moon and Bloodmoon Huntress are available on Amazon.)

The Trouble With Peace

The final five Chapters of Season 4 have left me eager to see what happens next. A different quality is associated with each of the four seasons. The Moon Book came first, followed by the Sky Book, and then the Sun Book. Book 4 is titled “Earth.”

For one, this is the first time we’ve seen an Earthblood Elf, but I’m guessing there are more important reasons why this season is being linked to Earth in particular. Our heroes had banded together at the end of the previous episode to vanquish the black magic army led by Viren and Claudia (Racquel Belmonte).

After defeating their common foe, the dragons, the combined Elven, and Human forces were able to negotiate with Zubeia, mother of Zym, the Dragon Prince. After decades of conflict, Xadia is finally coming together again. It’s starting to mix between humans and elves.

When Janai (Rena Anakwe) asks Amaya (Naomi Scott) for her hand in marriage, the pair become symbols of a new era of goodwill and camaraderie (after a rather unfortunate tangle with some Sunfire Elf dancers Amaya mistakes for attackers). However, this calm is not secure. Our heroes quickly find that centuries of distrust and animosity cannot be wiped away overnight.

After Viren and Aaravos (Erik Dellums) destroyed their city and killed their Queen and High Priest, the Sunfire Elves were forced to flee as homeless refugees. They have been integrated into a human refugee camp, and as the first few episodes reveal, tensions are intense.

Conflict is building between Elven traditions and human realism, as seen in Katolis and this region. Although Ezran advocates for peace and unity, not everyone shares his passion for progress. Not everyone is on board with his progressive initiatives; some even think he’s being too forceful.

The Dragon Prince Season 4
The Dragon Prince Season 4

It’s evident that not everyone is on the same page when he invites the Dragon Queen to Kotolis. This is just the beginning of the show. Through the first four episodes, we learn how broken the world of man and magic still is, despite our heroes’ efforts to unite it.

There are still challenges to peace, and the path through them is often more obscure. Peace and togetherness are difficult to achieve, while war is easy and straightforward in comparison. And a peace that is so easily disrupted is ultimately a dangerous one.

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